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The Word ‘Bespoke' is Overused

138 times to be exact.
The Word ‘Bespoke' is Overused 138 times to be exact.

The New York Times reported that their most used word for 2014 would be ‘bespoke’. From 67 times in 2011, to 138 times in 2014, the use of the word doubled in four years. Yes, the word is synonymous with custom-made tailoring. However, the Times says that the word’s scope goes beyond suits and seams. It is also used to describe “fancy” or “high-end” things. In some instances, the Times referred to mouth guards, walking tours, menus, and even cocktails as bespoke. “A bull in the Eurozone China shop” could actually be fancy too.


(Newsroom copy readers at the New York Times - Underwood Archives)

Hmmm…what would Style Bible’s favorite word be? Cop? Peg? Kardashian? An investigation is in order.

-Via NYT

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