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The Type Of Socks To Wear With Your Shoes

This is what happens when functionality meets fashion.
The Type Of Socks To Wear With Your Shoes This is what happens when functionality meets fashion.

With the clouds crying like there’s no tomorrow recently, our main concern is keeping dry—our feet included. Because while an umbrella or raincoat can protect your head and body when there’s a sudden rainfall, there’s not much they can do if you’re wearing open-toed flats. No one wants that icky wet-feet feeling so we say it’s best to bundle up your footsies with some comfy hosiery, at least until the surge of monsoons hit a break. And if we’ll be forced to wear them daily, might as well change things up a bit, right?


You already know the functional basics: foot socks for when you want to appear sockless, ankle socks for sports activities, crew socks for your booties, and thigh-high socks for what else, but thigh-high boots. But when function meets fashion, the sock-shoe combo takes on a whole new level of fun. We’ve shown you how to wear your crew socks with heels, now we suggest a few more attractive combinations that will playfully change your looks.

Thigh High Socks

Don't limit them with just those high boots. You can go preppy by sporting your thigh-highs with brogues, slip-ons and even sneakers.  

Crew Socks

Collect as many in all colors, prints, and material because this type of sock is worth the investment. Apart from the usual booties or high cuts, it can also go well with brogues, flats, and yes even your heels.

Ankle Socks

The thicker variety is perfect for sports, but there are a bunch of thin (and printed) pairs that you can also wear not only with your running shoes, but also with your Nikes, New Balance, Adidas Originals, and other favorite sneakers.

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Foot Socks

Ladies who like their feet dry at all times purchase foot socks to be worn with ballet flats or pumps. But for someone who is anal about socks showing with their Sperrys, Chuck Taylors, Bensimons, even brogues, loafers, and slipons, then this is a must-have.

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