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Mark Bumgarner Talks About Heart's Entourage And Reception Dresses

More lace and Swarovski, please.
Mark Bumgarner Talks About Heart's Entourage And Reception Dresses More lace and Swarovski, please.

“Chiz & Heart Love, finally. The Beginning of Forever” was a very fitting title for GMA’s wedding special that aired last night because finally, we got a glimpse of the very intimate Escudero-Ongpauco nuptials. Seeing her stunning frocks on the boob tube allowed us to appreciate the delicate artistry of her wedding dresses, which in effect, got us itching to know more. Ezra Santos already revealed the secrets to the 70,000 Swarovski crystal-embellished ceremony dress, now it’s Mark Bumgarner’s turn to dish out the details on not just one, but two of her dresses.


Initially, Heart got Mark to design just for her entourage.

When did Heart first meet with you for her wedding?

"Heart and her stylist Kat Cruz met with me sometime in October last year to talk about her ideas on the entourage. It was just the entourage at first and then Heart wanted the birthday dress and reception gowns eventually."

You used a lovely color for the entourage, what specific shade of pink is that? And what material did you use?

"It's Silk Gazar in Old Rose"

How did you decide which style goes to which bridesmaid?

"It was mostly Kat Cruz-Villanueva who chose the designs that would go to each bridesmaid, but we still considered some of their requests during the process."

How long did it take to finish her gowns?

"It took us about two months to complete both of her dresses."

The dress Heart wore to her 30th birthday celebration, Despedida de Soltera, and the welcome party for the wedding guests. 

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She said that the birthday dress was inspired by Audrey Hepburn? Was this her decision or yours?

"She loves everything Audrey Hepburn...Very clean and classy. With her beauty I didn’t have to do anything much actually."

Can you talk about the materials and embellishments used for both gowns?

"For her birthday dress, I made her a simple tea length bustier dress that had different shades of corded lace all appliqued by hand. For her wedding reception dress, she wanted something flowy (since it is a beach wedding) and a corseted bodice. Both dresses are sprinkled with real Swarovski crystals."


The product of their combined love for lace and corsets. 

What type of lace was used?

"For her birthday dress, I used corded lace and for her reception dress, I used Chantilly/French lace."

How was Heart as a client? She told us that all she knew was that she wanted something timeless and classy, a design that she can still be proud of when she looks at it 10 years from now.

"She knows what she wants and she’s not very hard to please. She’s one of my sweetest clients really. I normally show her a few sketches, maybe 3 sketches for every dress, and then she picks one. Sometimes she would give suggestions as well. She’s very collaborative when it comes to her dresses."

The relaxed design of Mark's dress made it perfect for the reception. 


You and Heart have had more than just a designer-client relationship, what can you say about being part of this big moment in her life?

"Heart is so beautiful, both inside and out and it’s easy to make her even more beautiful. She represents everything classic and timeless. I am just honored that my dresses became part of her special day."

Photos from Mark Bumgarner

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