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Keep Overspending on Sales? A Stylist Shares 4 Simple Tips

Don't be fooled by the 50% price reduction.
Keep Overspending on Sales? A Stylist Shares 4 Simple Tips Don't be fooled by the 50% price reduction.

Sales make me panic. Aside from the fact that being in a crowded mall slightly freaks me out, knowing that it might be my last chance to get those caged sandals from Zara I’ve been eyeing each time I pass by makes me drop cash at a bat of an eyelash. If not for my habit of consulting my financial analyst friend before buying, I’d probably end up like Becca Bloomwood—broke but with expensive taste.

Just the other week the Style Bible team was trying to find a term to describe those who aren’t exactly free-spenders, but save up... so they could use it on items in their mental shopping carts. You know the type. Your officemate who brings baon even after pay day just coz she already used up her salary for that outfit she’s wearing. (Yup, that sounds a lot like me.) But when prices drop to 50-70% off, how does one curb her excitement when scoring “bargains?” Allow me to share some tips on how you can map out a sale.


Start by sourcing.

You’ve probably been doing it but just haven’t noticed. Like any other shopping trip or when pulling for shoots, I scout the stores for things that I might want to buy. It’s basically window shopping while mentally bookmarking items. I usually like to start out with the jackets and dresses since they’re normally pricier which would make me not buy them at regular price.

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Style Bible tip: Visit the store the day before the sale starts; they'll probably have the sale rack out by then, so you can strategize what you'll pounce on when the mall opens the next day. We have so done this at Topshop.

Factor in how much you'll spend for adjustments.


It’s easy to trick yourself into buying everything you want when it’s on further reduction. I was pretty much convinced on purchasing a pair of linen blend suit pants (I D.I.E. for anything linen) from the men’s section of H&M since they were at 70% off. I liked it so much that I wanted it in blue and khaki. But when I tried them on I figured that I’d still have to take them to my tailor for adjustments. The time and effort to have that done seemed too much of a hassle so I just put it back on the rack.


Get a second opinion.

Have a friend tag along when you go shopping. They’ll help manage your expectations and your spending. My friend Camille and I were checking out that row of local designer boutiques in Greenbelt 5 to find her an outfit for the Preview Ball. She knew she wanted something blush. A top we picked out from Jun Escario reminded me of her debut dress (designed by Mich Dulce) and figured she should just re-style it. See how cost efficient that was?


Seven words, one question.

Would I buy it at regular price?

If no, then maybe the price tag is just blurring your judgment.

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