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The Struggles of Getting into the Half-Worn Jacket Trend

This is how to (not) wear a jacket.
The Struggles of Getting into the Half-Worn Jacket Trend
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/nytimesfashion
This is how to (not) wear a jacket.

You’ve seen it on the runway and on the streets. It’s a styling trick that brings your outfit to an edgier level. But this hack may look good on your Instagram feed but, not so much in the real world. Having that forced exposed shoulder by wearing half of your jacket around your shoulders became famous when Balenciaga debuted it on the runway. Now it’s being replicated everywhere in just about any jacket.

And as fashion girls, we know just exactly the struggles of wearing this trend in real life. Read on and see if you can relate.

The T-rex hands

Pulling over your jacket sleeve around your elbow restrains you from gaining full mobility with your arms. It may look cool, but come on, we both know you can’t reach anything! Say good bye to hug greetings or proper typing on your keyboard. Basically, forget you can even use your hands to reach things.


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Extra long sleeves

Of course when you forcibly expose your shoulders, the sleeves of your jacket extend from your normal arm length, thus the annoying cycle of pulling it up over and over to see that you still have a pair of hands under all that fabric.


Half & half

This non-committal type of dressing means you’ll experience the hot and cool weather at the same time. But at least you still have the option to wear your jacket properly should you feel cold or tie it around your waist when the weather gets a little too hot.


It takes some serious commitment to pull off a half-worn jacket. You may even get odd looks from those who don’t understand this styling trick and from those who would probably judge you as you experience the struggle listed above. But as fashion girls, we live by the phrase tiis-ganda. And so, we leave you with one piece of advice when you feel those judging eyes on you: shrug them off. (Pun intended!)

Photos illustrated by Gab Gutierrez

Main image from @nytimesfashion on Instagram

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