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The Soshal Network Goes to the #PreviewBall

From Greek to geek.
The Soshal Network Goes to the #PreviewBall From Greek to geek.

At Preview, we think that fashion should always be fun, and the girls of The Soshal Network know exactly how to wittily entertain. So for this year's Preview Ball, it was only fitting to invite the ever-so-funny trio to one of our quirkiest themed anniversary parties to date.

After a hilarious Facebook messenger introduction, a lot of jokes and puns, and a slight wardrobe malfunction, Vivian, Christina, and Camille aka The Soshal Network were ready to conquer Preview Ball. Here's what happened last Friday night with TSN.

What did you think Preview Ball was all about?

Akala naman lahat naka-gown. Magpapatahi na nga sana kami.

How did you all prepare for Preview Ball?

We then had a conference as to what we were going to wear. Kailangan kasi karirin ang outfits! It is after all THE Preview Ball. Yun lang, in our excitement, ang akala namin the theme ay “PREVIEW GREEK."


"Sayang ang outfits namin… straight from la mesa nila Provinciated (a.k.a. Camille) with matching laurel (in reality, lagundi talaga) headdresses."

What were your expectations from the night?

We expected that it was going to be celebrity-filled and full of beautiful people, and we'll be watching them all walk down the red-carpet. Kaya when Owen (Maddela), Style Bible's publisher, instructed us to also take our walk, ang unang pumasok sa isip namin, "May kukuha ba ng picture natin???"

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When you got there, what surprised you the most?

We got to walk down an ACTUAL and GENUINE red carpet… and not something that we made-up. And lahat ng tao sa isang venue, maganda at guwapo, possible pala yun?!

"Of course, we had to take a photo with our fellow It girl Belle Daza."


How was the experience in general?

It was very interesting and definitely one for the books. We never imagined finding ourselves in a fashion magazine’s party! Parang kailan lang, we were outsiders... As in partying outside Palace Pool Club with our glow sticks. Who would have thought all our kajologans would land us in the hippest, most fashion-forward event of the year?


"A social event appearance wouldn't be complete without THE Tim Yap."

Can you tell us 5 memorable encounters/experiences from that night?

1. Rajo Laurel. He knows us from our IG posts daw.

2. Liz Uy! She said she saw our post where we copied her. Yun lang, in that post, she was probably wearing Gucci, while we were wearing a daster.


3. The one and only, Tweetie De Leon. When we were growing up, we wanted to look like her. Yun lang, ngayon palang, we look older than her. #Goals

4. Vice Ganda. It was so hard to get a photo with Vice. Hinabol namin siya. Buti nalang may MagicLiwanag.


5. Isha Andaya-Valles. We saved the best for last… because we want to be the next Preview cover girls. #Char. Really, she’s super nice!

Photographed by Magic Liwanag

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