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The Shoe That Got Us Through Malasimbo

Well, actually, it's a sandal.
The Shoe That Got Us Through Malasimbo Well, actually, it's a sandal.

The Lara Sandal, P1395, Ipanema

The climb up Mount Malasimbo was a breeze. Really, all you needed to do was hop on the jeep. If you ask me, it was the exit from the “concert grounds”—an uphill trek back to the jeepney stop—that really made us say #thestrugglewasreal. Believe me, almost everyone who climbed that killer path was out of breath upon reaching the top.

View from the top: A majestic juxtaposition of sea, sky, and land.


You see, the entrance is up a hill and the view is the amphitheater nestled perfectly down the valley, like a beautiful crater adorned by beaming coconut trees.

On the first day of the three-day festival, I wore my trusty flip-flops and I obviously regretted it! Aside from the climb up and down the Malasimbo terraces to get our kesong puti and buko juice fix, the hike to the exit was a true test of thigh strength. Add to that the impact on my ankles because of my wrong choice of footwear. The following day, I swore to wear something with a strap and seriously, it changed the whole experience. I danced, jumped, and maybe even hopped the night away with the help of Ipanema's durable, comfortable, and super cute sandal. 

Just a little something to keep in mind for next year.  

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