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8 Ways To Look Cute At The Gym

Jessey de Leon of the UST Growling Tigers shows you how.
8 Ways To Look Cute At The Gym Jessey de Leon of the UST Growling Tigers shows you how.

Healthy-fit is the new hot trend and with that, comes not only a surplus of vegan restos and juice cleanses, but also a new breed of activities that take up the time of this gen’s athletic chicks. With Zen-ga, anti-gravity yoga, or boxing replacing the plain treadmill, the rules of the dressing game have also followed suit, getting a few of our favorite retail brands into the rough-and-tumble sportswear game. Volleyball star, Jessey de Leon, of the UST Growling Tigers demonstrates how you can still sport your neat basics with a few chic twists.

1. Bring mesh back where it belongs.

Athletic pullover, P805, Forever21; Sports bra, P1190, H&M; Tref leggings, P1295, and Ultra Boost in black, P8295, both from adidas

From the runways to the gym, mesh is back home. On really hot days, trade in your thick cotton hoodie for a cool mesh one, then bring it to life via a punchy-hued sports bra that will take the look from hoochie to hottie.

Dubbed as the marathoner's dream, the adidas Ultra Boost has a midsole that is meant to be super-responsive to your every push-off and landing.

2. Shop at Forever 21.

Stella McCartney run perf tee, P3295, adidas; Athletic joggers, P1015, Forever 21; ZX Flux for women, P4895, adidas

The brand has a pretty good selection of sports bras in a dedicated athletics section (not bad at Php400 a pop!). Back in the regular aisles, they've got those sweat pants you hoarded like a soccer mom. Opt for ones with texture, in grey and a grungey fit. Nothing beats the good old pairing of a breathable tee (note: not tight fit) and joggers.

3. While you're there, pick up a nylon jacket - it's the oversized blazer of the gym.

Athletic bra in charcoal celery, P755 and shorts, P655, both from Forever 21; Black graph jacket, P3195, and Element refine tricot, P2995, both from adidas


It goes with everything (ehem, bras) and will show everyone you mean business. 

Awakening of the tigress.

4. Swing by H&M.

Black mesh bra, P1190, H&M; Lotus legging tights P1595, adidas

If you're already blowing so much dough on that gym membership, another fast fashion brand to raid for cheap and chic workout gear is H&M - their sports bras seriously look like something we'd wear during our bodycon era! Relive your inner ratchet in a sculpted bra top while sweating it out and pumping some Rihanna. Feels just like Relik. 

5. Lose the eyeliner. Wear this instead.

 RB black bra, P1895, adidas; Sports pants in black and white, P1190, H&M

Ditch the eyeliner if you can, and trade them in for graphic leggings. Hey, they're a mix of graphite and kohl, too.

6. You can wear pastels, while lifting dumbbells.

Grey light tank, P790, River Island; Stella McCartney seamless tight peagry tights, P3995 and Tubular runner in grey, P4995, both from adidas

There's no need to look so hard at the gym. Perfect for the dainty lady who is actually not afraid to break out a sweat, cool-weather knits gain new life with pastel blue roses by Stella McCartney.

The Tubular Runner is a must-have sneaker shape. Slip it on like a sock, then run like the wind. 

7. The dress and sneaker combo? Yes, please.

Sports black and white dress, P1490, H&M, Mountain cap, P1095, and ZX Flux polka, P4895, both from adidas

Like a member of #teamcozy, you wear your dresses with trainers. Go the true athletic route by teaming a tennis dress with polka runners - both in performance fabrics. 

Part of the new releases of the ZX FLux - now that's our kind of candy cutie. 

8. Tracksuits are the new co-ords.

Athletic bra in heather grey, P555, Forever 21; Stella McCartney floral running shorts, P3995 and 
floral running jacket, P8995, both from adidas


WHY. NOT? Freshly picked florals will boost your running mood, not to mention your style game.

Photography by Anne Pinero

Model: Jessey de Leon

Makeup by Ren Bautista

Styled by Bea Jocom