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The Preview Girl's Guide to Building Her Personal Style

Plus, signs that you've already found it.
The Preview Girl's Guide to Building Her Personal Style

Trends are fleeting and ever-changing, but style lasts for eternity. Everyone and anyone into fashion can agree that having a distinct personal style is better than simply copying and wearing the season's hottest trends. Personal style, after all, is your own interpretation of who you are. If you haven't found it just yet, here are a few style tips, tricks, and life lessons from the Preview editors during the Forever21 x Preview Style Talks that can help you on your fashion journey.

1. Get inspiration from street style.

When we say street style, we don't mean streetwear. Street style refers to what all the fashion girls are wearing outside of the shows during Fashion Week. Preview Fashion Director Daryl Chang recommends looking at street style photos every season, and finding a street style star to get inspiration from. "When I look at street style, I always think, "Oh, that's a cool new way to wear that," she shares. This way, you can explore multiple styles until you find one you can call your own.

2. Find a way around every dress code.

Preview's Creative Director Vince Uy believes that despite the limits of office or school dress codes, you can still express yourself by playing with prints, patterns, and textures. The whole point of having a personal style is to be unique. Uniforms and dress codes can be restricting but you can always work your way around them. For example, if you need to wear black pumps to work, pick ones with unique heels or opt for a patent pair. If you need a good number of options to complete your look, Forever21 has a collection of stylish footwear you can add to your weekend and work wardrobe. 

3. Wear something that always fits right.

If you're uncomfortable with your outfit, it'll always show. Managing Editor Jacqui Salonga's rule is to never wear something that you'll end up nip-tucking or tugging throughout the day. Finding clothes that fit you to a T will affect your overall look and mood. Make sure to shop for pieces you know you can comfortably pull off—whether it's four-inch heels, a sleek leather mini skirt, or a hubadera dress. 

4. Regularly check runway trends.

We know following bloggers is a norm these days, but looking at the runway each season is still a good way to view the trends from their source. This way you can come up with your own interpretation of them and wear them according to your style. You can also get a lot of genius inspiration from how runway looks are styled. 

5. Know where you're wearing your outfit to and adjust accordingly.

Do not limit your personal style to a piece of clothing, regardless if you consider it a part of your signature look. Whether you want to channel rock chic, preppy geek, or sultry femme fatale, never let your personal style rely on a certain item in your closet. Dress up according to where you're going instead.

6. Update your closet regularly with statement pieces that reflect your personality.

Personal style constantly evolves. Always be open to the concept of expanding your wardrobe. Adding something new to your closet doesn't necessarily mean you've shaken the style ID you've created. Rather, it's a way of enriching your style personality even further. That's why it's so important to stay updated and to shop at a store that delivers runway trends fast. Forever21 offers exactly this by cater to all kinds of fashion girls and have a million interpretations of a certain trend. Whether you want to keep it sweet, edgy, or sexy, the retailer offers something to help you find your personal style. 

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