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The Postura Project

Sarah Meier-Albano tells us about the campaign to wear Filipino-made daily.
The Postura Project Sarah Meier-Albano tells us about the campaign to wear Filipino-made daily.

Model turned host/entrepreneur/blogger/all-around cool girl Sarah Meier-Albano has been busy furthering her causes lately. First up was Platform. Held last March 18, she and her husband Banjo Albano organized an interactive convention and shopping experience setting the stage for bright young brands and artists.

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Simultaneously with that, she and three other bloggers—David Guison, Arriane Serafico, and Knox Balbastro—set-up the Postura Project online. The tagline: “Wear something Filipino everyday.” We’ve decided to showcase Sarah’s 30 outfits for this month’s 30 Day, 30 Way Challenge to maybe inspire all of you to do the same.

Read our Q&A with Sarah below to learn more about the Postura Project and visit to see all their looks.

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1. What is the Postura Project about?

The Postura Project is a 30-Day Challenge to wear at least one Filipino made item daily.



2. What made you decide to use outfit posts in blog format to promote local designers and clothing brands?

Personally, I had been exercising the daily utilization of Filipino fashion since the end of 2010, but it wasn't until Arriane proposed that we start a fashion blog with outfit posts that I fully grasped what a huge impact documenting the products and the advocacy could trigger! It was an excellent way to let the products speak for themselves, and an easy enough platform for everyone to view, and participate in.


3. How did the 4 of you get together on this project?

Arriane Serafico was the glue on this project. We co-work together at co.lab, and so the exchange of ideas between us is quite frequent.  She knew that I had been wearing Filipino creations regularly for months, and got wind of my "local and vocal" battle cry. But little did I know, Arriane was also in contact with Knox, who was doing the exact same thing! David was very verbal about wanting to use his blog as a stepping stone for a bigger purpose. Voila. Vision matchmaking!

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4. What were the challenges and joys you encountered in dressing up everyday for this project?

I think I tweeted some of Manila's fashion bloggers a week into the challenge with a sort of "pat on the back" message. Finding the opportunity to have a decent photo taken in the throes of a hectic day is much more challenging than it appears. Then the actual blogging process—resizing pictures, optimizing for web (thank you to Marlo for being so incredibly patient and diligent in explaining the tech aspect to us) was tough at times too. But all of that minor stress was offset by the inexplicable joy of receiving something baffling in innovation—and the PRIDE in knowing that all of these garments, accessories, products, were thought up, created, and marketed by our next generation Filipino prodigies; so inspiring.

5. Has it convinced you all the more to wear local everyday even now that you're done with your 30 days?


Absolutely. The Postura Project is something that we all have the capacity to champion as a personal cause. I'm proud to say I'm offhand, about 450 days in as of today, and it's not going to stop. I just hope for an opportunity to do this on a bigger scale, which means your participation is crucial. Let's get the whole country involved, all our kababayans around the world, and then who knows what comes after that?

6. What's next for Postura?

I have found two recruits to pass the torch down to: Dee Jae P'aeste and Rcxy Bautista. I also want to extend the playing field to children's wear and maybe get my daughter Kaya to blog.

The original 4 bloggers? We'll see. We like to dream big, so....

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