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The Pope Wears Prada?

Here's what you need to know about His Eminence's footwear.
The Pope Wears Prada? Here's what you need to know about His Eminence's footwear.

Pope Francis' simplistic sensibilities is reflected in the way he dresses. No crimson shoes here.

Our last pope, Benedict XVI, got people talking when CNN reported that he wore red Prada loafers under his white robes. Not exactly the most modest of shoe choices, but fortunately, CNN’s very own Christiane Amanpour broke the news that they'd been wrong all along. The red papal loafers were not Prada after all! 

Monsignor Kevin Irwin, who she guested on her show on Pope Benedict’s last day of “work” in 2013, said that the Pope wore red shoes and a red cape, but none of them were designer. “[The ancient Roman emperor] Constantine gave the Pope the privileges of an emperor and allowed him to wear red shoes and a red cape,” said Irwin. But “frankly, the papal shoemaker is up the block. And it's not Prada.” 

In fact, they were by his personal shoemaker Adriano Stefanelli


On the other hand, our current head of church Pope Francis has refused to wear the red leather loafers altogether, like Pope John Paul II before him. The papal tailors, the Gammarellis, made him a pair during his first days on the job, but he stuck to his usual black soles—a pair his friends bought for him because his old ones were too shabby.

Humble in manner and dress, Pope Francis was Esquire magazine's "Best Dressed Man of 2013," for his refusal of anything too decadent for his wardrobe. Meanwhile, they called Pope Benedict the “Best Accessorizer of the Year” in 2007. Lol. It's Back-to-Basics for the new Pope, as it should be.


Photo from @newsva on Instagram, with additonal reporting from Anna Canlas

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