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The Making Of Kathryn Bernardo's Debutante Gowns

The Making Of Kathryn Bernardo's Debutante Gowns Francis Libiran and Vania Romoff share with us the process of creating the Teen Queen's debut frocks.

What can we say, Kathryn Bernardo's trending debut last Saturday, March 29, 2014, was indeed every bit the dream fairytale party that came true. The star-studded occasion that people are calling the "best debut ever" made waves on social media and a big part of it were of course, the two stunning gowns she wore that night. The Preview girl took everyone's breath away, not to mention also solidified her teen queen status, with her fabulous Francis Libiran ball gown and ethereal dusk blue Vania Romoff after-party frock. As always, the young lady looked exquisite as she opted for classic and feminine designs that were both tasteful and age-appropriate.

We know you darlings are dying to know more about the design process, and we couldn't think of anyone better to talk to about it than the two designers responsible for dressing up Kathryn. Read on to see some behind-the-scenes photos, and their experience of working with the blooming young lady. 



What was your reaction when you found out you're doing Kathryn's debut gown?

I felt happy and grateful. Of course, I am going to be part of Kathryn’s once-in-a-lifetime celebration and I got excited to make her debut more magnificent with the gown I designed for her.

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What was your inspiration behind your design for Kathryn?

My inspiration for Kathryn’s gown was Kathryn herself. Her beauty inside and out inspired me to create a gown that can be leveled to her beauty. Her youthfulness and sweetness is visible through details of the gown.

Can you describe the gown in detail (fabric, color, silhouette, special treatments)?


The sweetheart ball gown is made up of layered tulle fabric in misty rose. It is intricately embellished with fine customized embroidery. There are cut-out details too, which were placed on top of the neckline. She wanted something that’s timeless. Those are the stuff that she has envisioned to see on her gown.


How was the experience of working with Kathryn like? 

It’s always great to work with Kathryn, most especially this time. During our first meeting, we just talked and I just asked her “how do you want to look on your celebration?” Then she told me that she just want to look classic and fresh. Then she told me stories that inspired me to create a design that will perfectly fit her. As I have said, her personality and traits were the major inspiration for her gown. 


How long did it take you to finish the gown? How many people worked on it?

It took us almost a month to finish her gown. The whole creative team of Francis Libiran worked on it.

For debutants interested to have their gowns made by Francis, what is the lead time and how can they book an appointment?


They can book an appointment at least three months before the debut. They can course their inquiries or bookings through our e-mail address ( or call us at +63 2 925 5495 (Main Branch, QC) or +63 2 823 1003 (Makati Branch)

Photo credit:@francislibiran

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