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The Fashion Girl's Guide to the Accessories You Need This Summer

 Go big or go home!
The Fashion Girl's Guide to the Accessories You Need This Summer

When the temperature rises and makes outfit layering impossible, there’s no doubt accessories are the stars of your outfit. From piling on jewelry to donning tinted lenses, accessorizing is the simplest (and most heat effective) way to stand out. 

Everyone knows a pair of sunnies is the ultimate summer accessory, but that isn't the case now as other accessories are also becoming stars of the show. Whether in a meticulously crafted #flatlay or an embellishment at a beach #OOTD, it’s so easy to wear these Preview approved picks. With that in mind, this season is the perfect time to go big with your accessories. Below, five tips for accessorizing this summer. 


Full lense sunnies, SM Accessories, P349.75 - P449.75

For summer and beyond, this is a practical accessory worth stocking up on. Aside from elevating your OOTDs, they shield your eyes from the perpetually shining tropical sun. 


Leather cut out necklace, SM Accessories, P499.75 - P599.75

That’s right, leave your bangles at home, because we’re concentrating our focus on the décolletage. Leave your hands free and put on a fun neckpiece to punctuate your summer looks.



Silk Scarf, SM Accessories, P299.75 - P399.75

For a bright pop of color that imparts whimsical charm, a scarf jauntily tied around your neck adds a more current flavor to your outfit. Plus, if it gets too hot, you can easily tie your scarf around your hair for another accessorizing option that can help stave off the heat, too.



Patch back pack, SM Accessories Kids, P499.75 - P599.75

For the younger ones, patches easily amp up the playful factor of any accessory, plus double as a conversation starter!



Tassel sling bag, SM Accessories Kids, P649.75 - P749.75

Tassels exude the perfect summer vibe. They’re fun, colorful, and cheery, just how you want to be while out in the sun.

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