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The Cutest Pairs at the Preview Ball 2016

Geeky pairings in the cutest outfits.
The Cutest Pairs at the Preview Ball 2016 Geeky pairings in the cutest outfits.

Last Friday, Preview celebrated its 21st birthday with the theme #GeekonFleek. White Space was transformed into the Preview University and the metro’s stylish crowd all got their geek on. But while we danced the night away trying to forget about grades, the students had no problem getting straight As in the fashion department. None though, got scores as high as those that came in pairs—it’s double the style, after all.

Below, check out the couples, BFFs, and siblings who put the win in  twinning. (See what we did there?)

Anton del Rosario and Sam Richelle added the fun in their suits through pops of colors. 

Belle Daza and fiancé Adrien Semblat both went for elegance worthy of Prom King and Queen.

Camille Co went all out with print-on-print and Unicorn hair, which was perfectly off-set by Joni Koro’s black-and-white ensemble. 

Kiana Valenciano and Sam Concepcion went patch-happy with their matching looks. 

These two were hard to miss. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia looked oh-so-fresh in their white-and-black ensembles.

Jasmine Curtis looked school girl chic in Vania Romoff, while boyfriend Jeff Ortega looked like the perfect prep school boy. 

Siblings Shaira and Lance Luna were riding the same wave and totally nailed the retro geek look!

Paolo and Sam Valenciano were proof that you can coordinate without wearing remotely the same outfit. 

Chanel Olive Thomas and Jessica Yang didn't dress in similar attires but those matching pigtails they wore loud and proud certainly linked up their looks.

Anton Cruz is the "dark side" to Chi Gibbs' Princess Leia-inspired look. 

Sam Lee and Raymond Ang went for the suit and shorts combo. Minimalist yet impactful.


Ryan Sy and Jennifer Hammond in his and hers jackets by Yves Camingue have the twinning thing down.

Steph and Yayay de Castro walked the red carpet in unmistakably matching getup. We're taking mental notes of that marsala, navy, and grey mix.