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The Courtside Reporters Of Uaap Season 76

We sit down with this season's reporters and ask them about their personal style.
The Courtside Reporters Of Uaap Season 76 We sit down with this season's reporters and ask them about their personal style.

Katz Salao
University of the Philippines reporting for University of the East

Tell us about your personal style?
It's in college that I learned to dress for myself and not to impress other people, so whatever I'm wearing; I make sure I feel good in them. I don't follow trends on the dot, only the ones that I feel are flattering. I'm pretty satisfied with my body, and I like pieces that highlight my favorite part: my legs. So I have a long list of favorite mini dresses and skirts. In school, I'm very relaxed—shorts, loose top, sneakers or flats. On weekends, you'll find me studying in the Fort during the day, but I make sure my outfit can pass for some nighttime fun. That means a sweater or an oversized polo over a fitted dress. I keep a pair of heels in my car at all times, just in case.

What is your go-to ensemble during casual days?
When I'm rushing or need to get somewhere fast, my usual grab is a dress plus a cover up. My sister and I have sort of a sisterhood of the traveling dresses relationship; we have different body frames (she's tiny!) but luckily when it comes to dresses, we fit the same size and have the same likes. I guess because I dress boyish in school, I try to maximize the moments I get look like a girly girl.

Which do you prefer: Flats or heels?
Heels! But of course they have to be comfortable. I guess it's because I feel I should've been a few inches taller, and heels make me feel my "real" height. If only I didn't stay up late during my growing years.

How long does it take for you to get ready/dress up?
Pretty long. My friends know this, so when we have plans to go out at say, 9pm, they tell me to start fixing up at 5pm. But because time is so short for me now, I'm learning to get ready quicker - 45 minutes to an hour max. It takes a handful of multi-tasking though—thinking of outfits in the shower, applying foundation while checking my closets, etc.

How often do you go shopping?
Maybe every two months, sometimes longer. My mom taught me the joy of getting a bargain, so I really wait for sales. But when a sale comes, I hoard. Sometimes I forget about some pieces for months and the best feeling ever is when viola, they're uso again!

What are the current trends that you love now?
Fitted printed cropped tops! I'm working on a more toned tummy though before I debut myself in one. I also like the fact that its sweater weather and we can play with layers. But I think so far my favorite thing right now is lipstick, I've recently been obsessed with matte, bright, bold tinted lips.


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