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10 Cool Girls Of La Salle

These 10 La Sallians fill our list with ease.
10 Cool Girls Of La Salle These 10 La Sallians fill our list with ease.

Style, as they would say, transcends the clothes on your back and carries over to every step that you take. We couldn't help but think this as we scoured the marble halls of the school of green and white, De La Salle University, for its very own fashion pack. This shortlist of the sartorially inclined proves that one must not only dress in style but should also live in it. Take down notes from these girls that have mastered juggling a trimestral calendar, navigating Taft Avenue, weekending at the beach, and everything else in between. Follow in their footsteps, or at the very least, follow them on Instagram. These 10 cool girls are stylish beyond #OOTDs.

1. IDA ANDUYAN, AB-Organizational Communications

Quite the exact opposite of her hard up-front style, Ida is a soft-spoken fashion blogger that wears her turnt up basics that would give Rihanna a run for her money. (Let's give it to RiRi for the Lacroix choker, tho.) 



2. VIVIEN NELSEN, AB-Communication Arts and Marketing

Young as she is, Vivien is forging an early career in fashion and publishing with her stint over at Candy Magazine. We’re keeping our eyes on this one.



Her beauty reminds us of old world glamour and her abs are quite the covetable kind. How does this girl find time to go to the beach, model and study?

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4. CLAUDIA MARTIN, AB-Psychology

We love how Claudia’s Instagram feed is like a vacation catalogue (with well taken photos and thoughtful filters) and that she can rock a Missoni bikini—even with all the foodstagrams. Yes, those cookies are drool-worthy.


5. ARYANNA EPPERSON, BS-Marketing Management

Her name may sound familiar and that’s because she probably is; Aryanna is an MTv VJ and a well-circulated blogger who's shared her witty thoughts with the interwebs for quite a while now. Oh, she’s also the daughter of the fabulous Jenni Epperson.



6. KITKAT CUENCA, AB-Behavioral Science and Marketing

Sweet faced and quick-witted, Kitkat (yes, like the candy bar) is someone we’re looking out for. A good sense of humor (read her captions) and a double-degree on the way? What a smartie. (There goes another piece of candy.)


7. LEXI MENDIOLA, BS-Marketing Management

Okay, so she very recently graduated (blame La Salle for the weird trimesters) but we can’t help but put her on our list. Her quirky everyday photos are just as hype worthy as her professionally taken modeling shots.


8. JACKIE WESCHLER, AB-International Studies in European Studies

This southern belle from Bacolod is quite the beauty; her bright eyes and soft freckles are not to be missed and so are the canine-cuddling photos on her Instagram feed.



When she’s not running on the field as a track star for DLSU, she’s probably bumming on a beach with her equally commendable galpal, Jackie Weschler.




Katarina Rodriguez won second place in the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model (she'd do the interviews in a backwards cap) and now she’s studying the works of Descartes and Nietzsche while continuously forging her career in modeling. And here she is playing piano in a Yoda shirt. Love it.

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