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The Bench Show's Style Evolution Through The Years

As we patiently wait for tomorrow's grand spectacle, we look back at the Bench show's style history.
The Bench Show's Style Evolution Through The Years As we patiently wait for tomorrow's grand spectacle, we look back at the Bench show's style history.

As we’ve said before, the Bench Underwear & Denim show is probably the closest thing we have to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With its 9th installment happening tomorrow, we can’t help but look back on its previous shows that seem to get bigger and bolder each time since its inaugural show in 2002 dubbed One Night Only. Now, sit back and enjoy this throwback as we take you through time and show you the evolution of the themes and fashion of Bench’s biggest fashion extravaganza.



Bench made a statement when they decided to call the sequel, Understatement. On Bench’s second year of what would become one of the most awaited fashion events in the country, the brand went all out with French aerial acrobats, Japanese professional drummers as well as lighting director, and a stage design inspired by a fusion of Asian and carnival aesthetics. The highlights? Two Richards, Gomez and Gutierrez. Watch the coverage below. 


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2006 was all about groove as the brand went for an overall disco feel for the show (as if the posters didn’t make it too obvious.) Models in printed intimates ramped down the rainbow colored runway bringing back thoughts of Austin Powers and his mojo. Looking back, one thing we couldn’t help but notice is how Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video somehow looks like Zanjoe Marudo’s promotional ad for the said show.



By the fourth installment of the biennial Bench show, people thought they already knew more or less what to expect. In a way, yes, it was just as star-studded and as sexy as the previous ones, but of course, Blackout: Denim and Underwear Show had to be bigger than before. In 2008, Bench collaborated with four artists namely: illustrator/graphic designer Abi Goy, photographer Jun de Leon, filmmaker Raymond Red, and fashion designer Lesley Lobo. Apart from the filling artistry of that year’s show, the highlight would definitely have to be Dingdong Dantes’ debut for Bench in which he tore his trousers and revealed his tiny undies right before the, well, blackout. 



In 2010, the brand staged “Uncut” sprang from the idea that no holds are barred on what would be revealed. Ben Chan tapped in set designer Gino Gonzales to create a show stopping stage that served as the perfect backdrop to Dubai-based designers Michael Cinco, Furne One, Ezra Santos, and Val Taguba’s opulent crystal collars and headdresses. 



The real reason people are so excited about tomorrow’s huge event? The last show they showcased in 2012 left people craving for more. Celebrating the mega brand’s 25th anniversary that year, the Bench Universe: Denim and Underwear show became a massive success as they went out of this world, bringing in even more stars, an even bigger stage, boats from the skies, pirate ships, and an awesome lineup of designers (Cary SantiagoMichael CincoFurne OneAlbert AndradaRandy OrtizJoey Samson, and Rajo Laurel) for their two-night fashion extravaganza.



Tomorrow is the big day! Bench The Naked Truth: Denim & Underwear show is happening in less than 24 hours, people. In case you haven’t seen it, we provided you guys with a sneak peek and a list of things you can expect from this year’s showcase. And if there is one thing we’ve learned from looking back at Bench through the years, it’s that they always, always make sure that they outdo themselves. 


Keep on checking as we feed you live updates from the show tomorrow. 

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