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The Banana Craze Continues

A.k.a. why is this a thing.
The Banana Craze Continues A.k.a. why is this a thing.

In case you haven’t noticed, bananas are the new pineapples. From banana parties, banana art, and now a Banana Festival brought about by the yellow banana-loving super-villain sidekicks, the minions, the obsession is taking over us all—kids and adults alike.

Yeah, that's right.

If you want to get a different fill of your fruit, drop by the nearest McDonald’s and grab your favorite munchies a.k.a fries and pair them with the banana flavored McFlurry, Sundae, and McFloat, while they last. Hey, afterall, banana is good for you. 


The cutest sundae cone ever for only 15 pesos. 

Crushed graham and banana flavor blended in creamy vanilla soft serve. Banana Crumble McFlurry, P50

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Banana flavor is mixed with Oreo bits in vanilla soft serve. Banana McFlurry with Oreo, P50


A sweet and refreshing mixture of banana and honey flavor and Sprite topped with vanilla soft serve. Honey Banana McFloat, P27

If the fruit is simply not for you, you can still join in the fun and bring out the child in you by collecting all 10 minions via a Happy Meal. 

See you at the movies this July 11 when these little fellas hit the big screen for their very own solo film. 

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