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9 Things a Fashion Girl Should Always Keep in Her Car

9 Things a Fashion Girl Should Always Keep in Her Car
IMAGE Margaret Zhang/Courtesy of Tory Burch
For when you need to dial style 911.

Behind the wheel every day? You treat your car like your second home anyway, so we recommend you be prepared for any fashion emergencies that'll highkey drive (lol get it) you crazy. Below, the nine foundations of your mobile style stash and why they should never leave your ride. Buckle up!

Black dress

Ideal specifications: sleeved (because what are the chances that you actually shaved?!), midi length (you never know where you're going, and anything too short isn't the best idea), and in whatever cut flatters you the most. If you're going to rush getting ready, then you might as well be confident that the LBD you literally threw on makes you look smokin'.


High heels

Pack a statement shoe that goes with everything. Does that sound like too much of a stretch? It's not, because a tasteful wine-hued velvet pump is your ultimate answer: it's sexy yet simple yet so not boring, and you can bet that your power strut is about to command some serious R.E.S.P.E.C.T. You're welcome (and thanks, Aretha).

Statement earrings

You'll also need a pair of danglers that go boom. When you feel that your current look needs just a tiny push n' shove away from drab, the impact of a statement earring is unimaginable and very, very welcome.

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Flat slides

The logic behind this one is fuss-free: if it's raining out, you would not want to brave the flood in those pristine, achingly cared-for white sneakers. Also, these are an absolute godsend after a long, tedious day in heels!


While we really don't recommend wearing sunnies indoors, this particular candy-colored, lightly tinted number gives you the perfect excuse. They're great for disguising any eye luggage and upping any outfit's '70s street cred a notchand for, you know, sun protection. Duh. Get your priorities straight.


A white t-shirt

Maybe you spilled something on your original top or you simply need a post-workout tee that doesn't make you look haphazardly gym-fresha white t-shirt goes with anything, and it always will. Tip: Opt for the kind that doesn't wrinkle easily!

A good pair of dark jeans

Fashion's answer to most dilemmas is denim, style emergencies included. Period stain? Mustard smudge? A straight-cut, dark wash likely goes with more outfits than something flared and/or pale blue, plus it ends up looking a lot sleeker. Wear those pants.


Girl, you are NOT lugging that enormous work tote of yours to an impromptu event. Lest you bear the weight of your entire apartment on your shoulder, always have a pretty clutch tucked in the glove compartment.

A jacket

Go for denim and/or a suit blazer, two of the most versatile pieces ever! The aircon might start channeling frigid, pre-Pevensie Narnia, but you'll be prepared for battle. Forward!

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