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The 7 Habits Of Instahoes

A grammer's guide to a meticulously curated grid.
The 7 Habits Of Instahoes A grammer's guide to a meticulously curated grid.

Instahoe /instə- hō/


A person who takes Instagram rather too seriously.

Simply put, it means that you care a great deal about your Instagram account, enough to pay close attention to the nitty-gritty of your every post. To you, it’s more than just a personal photo diary where you document your memories with family and friends. It also serves as your creative portfolio and a means to express yourself.

So, are you finally ready to admit that you’re an instahoe? Herewith, the Instagram habits you always keep in check in order to maintain a well-curated grid. Be instahoe-proud.

1. Take pictures of 80% nothing.

(via @ohellomelo)

For an instahoe, less is always more. Don’t try to cram everything in one shot. Remember that simplicity is the key to a well-manicured grid.

2. Perfect the art of the #flatlay.


(via @flatlays)

Basically, it’s the IG community’s term for product styling. Whether you’re taking a snap of your beach essentials or simply showing off your planned outfit of the day, the #flatlay is the way to go! Neatly fold your clothes, strategically place each element of the photo, and carefully arrange everything. For more tips, here’s a cheat sheet you can check out!

3. Have a thing for walls.

(via @songofstyle)

Walls and plain backdrops are not only easy on the eyes, they also keeps your grid from looking too busy. This way, the attention is on the subject and not on the background itself. Ideal for #OOTDs and detail shots!

4. Master the #unselfie.

watch now

(via @garypeppergirl)

We understand that you probably spent an hour trying to perfect that winged-eye flick, but sometimes it’s best to #unselfie and show off your sexy, flawless back instead. Rather than settling for the usual touristy poses, take your travel #OOTDs to the next level by showcasing beautiful scenery or interesting backgrounds that add more drama to your photographs.

5. Keep a photo bank of fillers.

(via @sartorialpanda)

Fillers are images that don't really happen real-time, they're just mood photos like a clear blue sky or a bright orange sunset you took during your previous Boracay trip, photogenic latte art, or a cityscape you shot right from your office window. Whatever it is, those #feels could prove useful in between your many #OOTDs and busy-looking #foodstagrams. Beautiful feeds are all about pacing, and these lazy shots "slow down" your grid. 

6. Look like you're always getting out of bed.


(via @wendyslookbook)

On that fluffy white duvet cover is where instahoes’ most double-tap worthy posts are shot—breakfast in bed, early morning coffee, #shoefies, and even quirky pairs of socks.

7. Never skip breakfast.

(via @andiej)

It’s not only the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most foodstagram-worthy. Instahoes approve!

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