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The 5 Style Lessons We Learned From Bella Thorne

Here's how you can score an A+ in the style department just like this pretty redhead.
The 5 Style Lessons We Learned From Bella Thorne Here's how you can score an A+ in the style department just like this pretty redhead.

You probably first heard of this redhead’s name as a child star on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. She was just 13 years old when she got her first big break, but Bella Thorne has proven to be more than just a pretty face since then. Climbing her way up the Hollywood ladder, this auburn-haired teen actress, model, singer, and dancer has even managed to snag a role alongside Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the romantic comedy film Blended last summer. And ultimately, you know what we love most about a girl, right? Her sense of style, of course!

That said, as this lovely girl turns 17 today, we can’t help but zoom in on the other thing she’s good at─ fashion. We’ve done our homework, so now all that’s left for you is to jot these down. Read on and start studying the five style lessons we’ve learned from this Disney chick.


Dresses in general are a girl’s best friend, but it seems that skater dresses specifically seem to be Bella’s favorite. Not that we’re complaining, because it’s cute, feminine, and needless to say, very flattering.

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Did anyone say street style? Well here’s an easy trick to looking instantly hip. As seen from the Disney star, a fedora hat is a surefire way to look cool yet laid-back at the same time.

You must already be sick of us saying it all the time, so now it’s Bella’s turn to convince you how important the basics are in your wardrobe. Can you see how this stylish young lady has worn the plain white tee in many different ways? There, our point exactly.


We can tell that Bella doesn’t just love cropped tops─she’s obsessed with them! She has them in solid colors and fun prints, and we often see her pairing it with different kinds of skirts and sometimes even with jeans. And who can blame her, right? Cropped tops are cool like that.


There’s no need to overthink when you already have two items inside your closet that were obviously made for each other. And as if you need more convincing, you should know that going matchy-matchy is also one of the hottest trends this season. How convenient is that?

Happy 17th birthday, Bella!


Photos from @bellathorne on Instagram

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