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The 5 Memorable Items Inside Heart Evangelista's Closet

In her designer-filled closet, these are the picks that clearly stood out.
The 5 Memorable Items Inside Heart Evangelista's Closet In her designer-filled closet, these are the picks that clearly stood out.

Heart Evangelista is one of the few local celebrities who know more than just a thing or two about fashion. Growing up with a mom who takes shopping seriously, Heart shares with us that her love for art and all things beautiful is something she definitely got from her mother. Countless shopping trips, a generous amount of covetable hand-me-downs, and being in an industry where looking good is vital, all contributed to the fashionista the gorgeous lady has become today. 


If there's one thing this lady was clearly born with though, it would have to be class. There's no doubt about it: we say her attraction to anything with a label tagged as fine and luxurious is as natural as the pull of gravity on earth. 

If you ever wondered how the closet of a woman like her looks like, then this video, where we invaded her pink-painted room will finally fulfill that curiosity. There is so much to learn about this pretty lady; from what she would wear on days when she feels fat (yes, girls, she has those days, too!), to the item she should probably let go of by now but can't seem to, this video has it all. But amidst all those designer frocks, purses, and killer heels, are five special items that we're choosing to highlight today. Scroll down to see them.

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Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet

Heart's newest obsession are these studded leather cuffs from one of her favorite brands, Hermès. Don't you think these babies look so good when paired with her Birkins?

Hermès Birkin


Apart from the fact that she feels like she can pair it with absolutely anything, another reason Heart loves her orange Ostrich Birkin is because this type of leather is more dog-friendly. For an animal lover like Heart, that is a major factor to consider. 

We met her babies, Khaleesi, Casper, and Chico, and we couldn't help but fall in love with them, as well. 


Vintage Versace

Heart's  mom loves giving her and her sister vintage pieces from her teenage years, but one of her favorites would have to be this Versace backpack. She said she wears it during her trips and pairs it with a plain white tee and ripped jeans. 

Polo Sport Wallet


Come on guys, don't tell us you don't remember this? This classic Ralph Lauren money-holder, complete with the velcro was an obsession we all had back in the '90s. Heart is very sentimental with her possessions and can't seem to let go of this one.  

Mickey Mouse X Rolex Watch 


How cute is this watch? This timepiece was actually given by a fan! Can you believe it? How sweet!


It may not be public knowledge, but she is clearly a Mickey Mouse fan. 

Also, she braved our Speed Round series, watch it here.


Photography by Artu Nepumuceno

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