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How To Make It To Our Best Dressed List

The five things we look for on the red carpet.
How To Make It To Our Best Dressed List The five things we look for on the red carpet.

It’s awards season once again and you can guarantee that our fashion radars are on alert. It started with the People’s Choice Awards, and will be followed by the Golden GlobesOscarsEmmysGrammys, VMAs, and in Manila, the always-awaited Star Magic Ball. Here are a few things we keep an eye out for once that velvety roll of red hits the floor.

The Dress To Carpet Ratio


Lupita Nyong'O in Prada

Yes, there is such a thing. Aside from deciding if the look is red carpet-worthy to begin with, we also take into consideration the appropriateness of the overall ensemble to the event.  We don’t care if that’s Oscar dela Renta or vintage Versace. If it’s too bohemian for the occasion, you can kiss our list goodbye.

Designer Alert

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Taylor Swift in Gucci

Our editors trawl through runway pictures on the daily so we can tell you if that frock is from three seasons past (boo) or something special from the archives (yeah). We can also tell whether the design has been tweaked, which usually means the actress or her stylist has more clout. (Kiera Knightley just wore customized Chanel at the Golden Globes.) Plus points to the celeb who can snag a Trophy Dress i.e. the one that every fashion editor Instagrammed to high heavens when it came down the runway. Plus plus points if it's from the couture collection.

Does her hair and makeup go well with the dress?


Jennifer Lawrence's concealer faux pa at the 2014 Oscars

The celebrity needs to be the total package which means her hair and makeup shouldn’t just be perfect, it should also be right for the designer dress she chose to grace the red carpet and our discerning eyes with.

The Accessory Game


Julia Barretto in Rajo Laurel

We turn our hawk eyes on during awards season and notice all the details from the shoes, jewelry, clutch, and even the nail lacquer. Sometimes the wrong accents can ruin a perfectly good dress.

We Mean Well

Lady Gaga in Versace

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t always have our claws out, you know. Our lists are not meant to insult or make fun of a celebrity (that’s not really our style) because when you’re on the other end of the hot meter, we tell you what you did wrong and suggest what you can do to correct it the next time.  


We know no bias and we don’t play favorites. The next time that big event takes place, you know where to go first.

Photos from Rex Features 

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