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The 4 Affordable Items Fashion Editors Hoard

One is just not enough.
The 4 Affordable Items Fashion Editors Hoard One is just not enough.

We asked around the Summit Media office (aside from Preview, it is also the headquarters of titles such as Candy Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Esquire to name a few) to find the answer to the question: what’s the one cheap item fashion editors hoard? Not surprisingly, the editors have one common answer: the basic tee.


Jersey top, P299, H&M

“You can never have enough of a good thing. In this case, plain tees.”

Patch Pocket T-shirt, P595, Mango

“No kidding, I have like 10 plain white tees. The collar bacons pretty fast so I keep on buying them.”

AIRism scoop neck short sleeve t-shirt, P590, Uniqlo

“It’s the most versatile closet staple. You can wear it with anything and everything from denim cutoffs to ball skirts!”

While they all agreed it’s the must-have item in their closets, a few other pieces also came up.


Foot Socks, Hanes

“It’s essential because it's what I pair with my brogues, oxfords, and sneakers.”


Ouchless black elastics, Goody

“I keep on buying because I keep on losing them!”


Caged cutout jewelry set, Forever 21

“They tarnish easily, but I hoard not only because I use them, but also because I can use them at shoots.”

How about you? What’s one affordable item you’re guilty of hoarding? Sound off on the comment box below!