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The 20 Most Googled Halloween Costumes of the Year

Steer clear of these if you’re vying for the best costume award.
The 20 Most Googled Halloween Costumes of the Year Steer clear of these if you’re vying for the best costume award.

Halloween is just right around the corner. By now, you might already be preparing for that costume party you’ve been invited to. But before you decide on which spooky character you’re going as this year, you might want to check this out first. According to Google, below are the most searched Halloween costumes of the year. We’re all for being unique, so if you want to stand out and take home that best costume award, we suggest you cross these off your list now.

1. Star Wars

The Force will most likely be with everyone else.

2. Pirate

Whether you’re going as Captain Hook or as Jack Sparrow, you’ll be sure to encounter fellow pirates at the ship, err, party.

3. Superhero

Guys, give that red cape and blue bodysuit combo a rest this year, will you please?

4. Harley Quinn

Thanks to Margot Robbie, now everyone wants to be Harley Quinn.

5. Batman

Um, can we be more creative than this?

6. Cat

Please, those eyeliner drawn whiskers are so predictable.


You didn’t think you were the only one who went bananas over these cutie minions, did you?

8. Minnie Mouse

Unless you have Mickey Mouse as your date, we suggest you ditch the polka dot dress and white gloves this year.

9. Witch

Do we even have to explain why this is such a cliché?

10. Wonder Woman

Trust us, there’s nothing wonderful about showing up in the same costume as the five other girls in the room.

11. Joker

Come as the third Joker in the party and the joke is on you.

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

At least bring pizza for everyone if you’re planning to go as Michaelangelo. Got it?

13. Princess

Oh, come on. Please tell us it’s NOT Elsa.

14. Mermaid

Really? You don’t plan on walking around at the party?


15. Dinosaur

Your costume is literally outdated. How about something new and original for a change?

16. Maleficent

If you think your version can be better than that of Angelina Jolie’s, by all means, be our guest.

17. Catwoman

Why are we not surprised?

18. Stormtrooper

This brings us back to number one.

19. Vampire

Honey, those faux fangs have got to go.


20. Doll

And yes, those pigtails, too!