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ASUS launches its new Eee PC™ Seashell laptop.
Technochic ASUS launches its new Eee PC™ Seashell laptop.

The need to fuse fashion and technology has only become increasingly apparent in our current world, which is teeming with fashion-forward technophiles. ASUS is clearly aware of the demand that hi-tech gadgets must not only function very well, but also look extremely good.

Thus, they who make those very small and very handy netbooks released the Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection. It was launched in Manila with pink-themed party last night in Icon at the InterContinental Hotel, that also showcased the newest collection of Plains & Prints (more on this soon!) in a mini show.

Called “Making Waves,” the event showcased the ultra-trendy laptop collection, which is designed to appeal to young, mobile trendsetters. The super portable Seashell laptop (weighing only a kilo!) boasts of an organic Digi-Wave chassis—that's a gadget's outer structural framework, in non-geek speak.

The fluid, rippling lines of the encasement provide a fun contrast to the straight lines of the laptop's sleek screen and ergonomic chiclet keyboard. And of course, it comes with the techie advancements that make ASUS such a popular laptop choice for people on the go: the Seashell's ancillary operating system, Express Gate, boots up in seconds, making it that much faster and easier to browse photos, play games, listen to music, update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and of course, check StyleBible for the latest fashion news.

The Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection laptop retails for P25,900, and is available only in select dealer stores: Octagon (SM MegaMall), CompLink (Mall of Asia), Villman (SM North EDSA), and Accent Micro (Park Square, Makati).

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