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These Models Can Do 30 Poses in a Minute and They Earn Around P20k a Day for It

This type of modeling requires certain skills, too.
These Models Can Do 30 Poses in a Minute and They Earn Around P20k a Day for It
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This type of modeling requires certain skills, too.

Despite the rise in popularity of Instagram and TikTok models and getting discovered on social media, modeling usually isn't just about having a pretty face. You need to show up and prove that youâve got the skillset, too.

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A major Chinese e-commerce site called Taobao employs models with a unique skill to be able to shoot hundreds of layouts for their website. Because Taobao is one of the leading fast fashion e-commerce sites in China visited by millions of customers a month, they need to have product shots of the clothes they sell to help users decide whether or not it's worth a purchase.

To work these outfits and shoot as many "product shots" for the website as possible, Taobao would hire models that can keep up with fast-paced photo shoots. Dubbed "Taobao models", these ladies can strike up to 30 poses in just one minute. They switch up their pose every click of the camera similar to the manner of stop motion. Some have also pointed out that the way they move could pass off as the next dance trend.


Because the shoots are done rapidly, models would need to work fast to shoot as many outfits as they can. In an interview by BBC, one Taobao model shares that they would change into hundreds of outfits in just one day of shooting.

The way they get paid is also "by the outfit." According to China Daily, a Taobao model can earn as much as 40 to 150 yuan (That's around P300 to P1,000) per garment and do around 20 pieces of clothing a day. In a day, they can make as much as P6,000 to P20,000, which is quite a lot of money already. One Taobao model even set her own record by modeling 485 outfits in just one day. See her in action in this feature by South China Morning Post:

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