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Tales Of Horror From 5 Freelance Artists

If you're a budding freelancer, here's something you should know.
Tales Of Horror From 5 Freelance Artists If you're a budding freelancer, here's something you should know.

A freelancer doesn’t need to read Clients from Hell to realize the down side of their job. They’re too busy dealing with these pains in the booty as we speak. Here we gather five (fashion) industry freelancers to share their personal encounters and the lessons that they took away from these stressful experiences.




A magazine or a newspaper will request for you to shoot an editorial or if you have anything banked. You’ll book a team (hair, makeup, stylist, and models from agencies) and once you’ve submitted it, they suddenly cut the story. Then you’ll have to face angry agents asking for the tear sheets.”

HOW TO AVOID: Get clear instructions and details from the assigning editor as to how they want your output to be i.e. the number or layouts, the number of pages, and the date of issue. However, sometimes magazines really have to cut down pages. Just pray that lady luck will be on your side.


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ANTON PATDU, Makeup Artist

“When I was starting out as a makeup artist I was booked by a brand to do their campaign shoot. They told me their budget was low but if they liked my work they would certainly get me again. So I agreed to do the campaign since they were very nice and accommodating. The day before the shoot, the coordinator suddenly sent me a text message meant for her boss containing the entire budget for the shoot. There my rate was written three times more than what she said she was going to give me. I replied and told her that she sent me the wrong message and I would have appreciated it if she told me the truth regarding the rates. If she wanted a cut then I would have gladly given it to her. She just needed to be honest with me with. Having learned my lesson, I make sure that everything is transparent with a contract containing my rates; including the number of months or years the material will be used.”


HOW TO AVOID: Get the complete details of the shoot. It’s important for you to know who are you going to work with, namely the photographer, stylist, and model - so you can know if you gave the right rate for your services.


XENG ZULUETA, Makeup Artist

“One scenario is when a client doesn’t pay on time. The sad reality is nobody really does so it’s up to you if you’ll agree to the job or not. But to not have someone be accountable for the delay in payment is not doing anything to protect yourself.”


HOW TO AVOID: Clarify everything in writing when they book you.



“Photoshop is so deceiving! I booked a porcelain-skinned model for a beauty shoot after flipping through her portfolio. On the day of the shoot, she arrived with numerous acne scars and some very angry looking pimples on her cheeks. The makeup was so thick, my photographer ended up having to use a lot of airbrushing to smooth it out! Lesson learned: ask around before you book anyone!”


HOW TO AVOID: Request for a recent raw photo of the model sans makeup. If you’re really that meticulous, might as well ask for an on-the-spot selfie.


“I was hired to style for a big beauty brand's new campaign. The pegs were laid out early on, and when we did our pre-prod, the brand manager suddenly changed her mind about the whole concept so I had to start from scratch, 2 days prior to shoot day. And then a day before, she was texting me so many standby options that she wanted available on set, which was totally doable if I had enough time but the shoot was the next day so that was a complete nightmare. The funny part? We ended up using the initial items we planned in the first place! It's really hard when the client changes her mind every two minutes. All my extra effort and time spent just went down the drain.”


HOW TO AVOID: There’s no escaping this situation when dealing with clients. The best that you could do is keep your cool and give the client what they ask for. However if you feel like you must overhaul, do it in a polite but assertive manner that gets them sold on your idea.

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