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10 Instagram-Worthy Swimsuit Poses You Have to Try This Summer

Bookmark this page for your next beach trip!
10 Instagram-Worthy Swimsuit Poses You Have to Try This Summer
IMAGE INSTAGARM/kelseymerritt, ramonathornes
Bookmark this page for your next beach trip!

Need fresh ways to debut your newly-bought swimsuits on your Instagram feed? Look no further—we have just the thing to help you! Ahead, we put together a list of celebrity- and influencer-approved poses that you can try out while you're playing under the sun. 

1. A sitting pose isn't usually the most flattering, but as proven by Kelsey Merritt, it could be if you have a supportive prop that'll allow you to arch your back and extend your legs.

2. One of the more relaxed ways you can pose in the water is with a half-body shot like Arci Muñoz's, since you won't have to worry about positioning your legs anymore. 

3. Position yourself at the edge of your seat, point your toes, and pose as if you're blinded by the sunlight. This Rachel Peters-approved pose will elongate your body and torso.


4. For a subtle way to show off your swimwear, ask a friend to take a "candid" shot of you and make like Ylona Garcia.

5. Done with your water sport for the day? Don't forget to take a selfie with your surfboard like Lauren Reid.

6. There are tons of ways to accessorize your swimwear. For one, you can play up your shot with a cute hat like Bea Soriano-Dee did!

7. Like Chi Gibbs, capitalize on the gorgeous beach backdrop and show off the view, but don't forget the true star of the show—your outfit!

8. Not one for overposing? Have someone take continuous shots as you walk along the shore. You could even pretend to be fixing your sunglasses and mimic Kat Gumabao's pose! 

9. A subtle stretch with your hands in your hair is a classic way to say you're feeling yourself and the beach weather. Megan Young approves.


10. If you're on a solo trip, self-timer is your best friend. Cop Bea Marin's relaxed snap by settling your camera on the floor and tilting it slightly upwards with anything on hand like, say, a bottle of sunscreen.