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Swatch Launches New Collections For 2012

Stock up on new timepieces from Swatch.
Swatch Launches New Collections For 2012 Stock up on new timepieces from Swatch.

If you’re looking to stock up on trendy new timepieces for 2012, Swatch has a fresh crop of watches ready and ripe for the picking. With four new collections and two collaborations with prominent graphic artists, there’s a little something for everyone.

First up, there’s the new Gent Lacquered Collection boasting ten sleek designs in punchy colors. A unique feature on these timepieces is the exposed inner mechanisms that are lacquered in different colors, allowing the wearer to observe and enjoy the intricacies of each gear and cog.

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If you’re veering towards something that makes a stylish statement, this year’s batch of Lady Originals is the way to go. Featuring ten different unapologetically vivid colors and double-length straps to wrap twice around the wrist, this watch is a great addition to your arsenal of brightly colored arm candy.

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With the London Olympics coming up in July, it’s no surprise that Swatch came up with a pair of timepieces inspired by the international sports competition. Patterned after the Olympic Games logo, the Olympic 2012 watches combine the cool London vibe with sporty functionality. The result is an edgy, graphic watch with a punk rock attitude.

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Amidst the slew of their brightly colored watches, three golden Irony THE Chrono watches stand as the lone stainless steel members of the bunch. Big, beautiful, and elegant, these watches are sure to catch anyone’s eye with their golden chrono counters and colored dials.

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Proving that two heads are better than one, Swatch also collaborates with two prominent graphic artists resulting in the creation of The Graphic Designers Collection. The first is Fafi, a French graffiti artist made famous for her distinct renditions of sexy female characters. Her one-off design features Fafi’s illustration in her usual graffiti style set against a black strap.

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Lorenzo Petrantoni is the second collaborator-- this Italian artist reassembles and reinvents old photographs to suit the tastes of a modern audience. His collection consists of five watches featuring cut-outs from old books in a stark black and white palette.


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Whether you want something that’s streetwise and edgy, elegant and provocative, or just want to add a pop of color to your outfit; there’s a Swatch watch for you.

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