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10 of the Most Stylish Flight Attendant Uniforms

They make flying look chic.
10 of the Most Stylish Flight Attendant Uniforms
They make flying look chic.

With the revamping of Hainan Airlines' cabin crew uniform, we pause and wonder just how the other airlines fare when it comes airport fashion. And judging by these 10 flight attendant uniforms, it looks like they're not that far behind in keeping their crew stylish and comfortable. See for yourself below!


1. Cebu Pacific

It was just last year that Cebu Pacific revamped their cabin crew uniforms into a bright yellow and denim combination. The company tapped fashion designer Jun Escario for the job, and he gave the crew a wearable and comfortable work ensemble, pairing the sunny hue with a ruffled denim skirt with zipper details plus a matching denim trench coat. Jun also added a tropical print scarf to serve as an accent piece. The whole outfit looks professional and yet it still depicts a sense of friendliness, making their flight attendants look approachable.


2. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific's cabin crew uniform was designed by Hong Kong designer Eddie Lau who is known for his “East is Red,” “Shanghai Chic,” and “Orient Express” collections that won international acclaim. His vision fits the airline's brand image. He gave the crew a bright red uniform, a heritage color of the airline, standing collar and cuffs, plus knee-length skirts. It is accented only by the brush wing logo Cathay Pacific is known for. With this simple yet sensible uniform, the ensemble is expected to last long and minimize the environmental impact during the uniform’s production.

3. Philippine Airlines

While we definitely miss the days when PAL flight attendants wore Filipiniana, we're totally not complaining with their sleek white and blue uniform that comes with a chic floral scarf to break the solid colors!

4. Emirates

In 2008, the airline teamed up with UK-based manufacturer Simon Jersey to give the uniform a slight makeover. The girls wear a beige suit with red accents. The skirts have inverted kick-pleats on the skirt that shows a flash of red when the attendants are walking to propel brand recognition. A fitted cream blouse is trimmed with red for the flight attendants. They also have a signature headpiece that's worn during specific parts of the trip and any time the crew are in public. They are also told exactly how to fold the scarf so that it is tucked in a specific way.

5. Korean Air



Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré created the crew's uniform. It exudes harmony between modern global fashion appeal while integrating the foundation of Korea's traditional aesthetics.

6. Air Asia


Air Asia's flight attendants wear the same uniform similar to Cathay Pacific's, only with brighter red hue and a shorter skirt.

7. Singapore Air

Singapore Air is known for their flight attendants wearing a sarong kebaya, a dress that is made out of Asian batik fabric. Their uniform was designed by Parisian designer and couturier, Pierre Balmain.

8. Virgin Australia

Beyond their fitted red suits and stylish silk neck ties, the Virgin Atlantic flight attendants are also making a stride towards a greener earth. Their old uniforms are recycled and put to good use. Teddy bears, blankets and pillows are created of these and are given to those in need.

9. Air France

Created by French designer Christian Lacroix, Air France's uniform was the first of its range to include maternity sizes and fit for those who are between the ages of 20 and 60. A Chinese-style upward collar is featured on the dresses, cinched at the waist with a red belt. Christian also infused the uniform with his penchant for print and lace, as seen on the coats and jackets that were lined with the airline's winged seahorse symbol coupled with the company's logo.

10. Etihad Airways


The new Etihad uniform was designed by Italian designer Ettore Bilotta. It features a chocolate brown and purple palette and is made from 100% Italian wool. The skirt suit comes with a pair of fitted long brown diamond texture gloves, a belt, a slim line handbag, and a scarf featuring intricate geometric patterns. They also wear a double cut and aerodynamic hat that comes in a brown hue.