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10 Styling Tips to Hide That Food Baby You’ve Been Cradling

10 Styling Tips to Hide That Food Baby You’ve Been Cradling
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It’s a girl!

It’s now the nth day of quarantine, and we’ll admit that it feels like everything just blurs together. Sometimes, we don’t know if we’re hungry, bored, or checking out the fridge has become our hobby. One thing’s for sure, though: Food has been comforting, and we’re sure all the newly minted chefs and bakers can attest to this.

However, there are times when we honestly regret ever bingeing on food because of the muffin top that bulges right after. No biggie, though! For days when you’re feeling guilty, you can always look to fashion to feel amazing again. Below, we’ve rounded up some tips from wardrobe stylist Erin Busbee that will help conceal that belly pooch. Perhaps these tricks will inspire you to eat clean or to work out… until the next food binge strikes again!


1. Wear body-skimming tops.

Erin says that it may be instinctive to grab a roomy top to hide the pooch area, but it’s actually doing the opposite. Instead, go for body-skimming tops that will give your body shape and accentuate your figure.

2. Choose tops with strategic details.

Pay attention to details. You can either go for shirts that have details that hide the tummy area or details that highlight the upper waistline, a.k.a. the smallest part of the torso. Details like ruching in the stomach are a great way to keep that food baby at bay—plus, it’s super trendy, too!

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3. Build up the shoulders.

If you love wearing puff sleeves (even at home), then this tip is in your favor. Erin says that you can draw attention away from the stomach by building up the shoulder area with a dramatic sleeve. “This creates more width across the top and makes your waist look smaller and tinier,” she says.

4. Fabric choice matters.

If you’re stepping outside for a quick errand and you just had a heavy lunch, you can hide that pooch by choosing tops in thicker, more structured fabrics. These will be more forgiving around the tummy area, as opposed to lighter fabrics like jersey, chiffon, or silk.


5. Deep V-necklines work best.

We’re sure you know by now that styling is all about creating an illusion. In this case, you’ll want to elongate your figure by choosing elements that draw the eye from top to bottom. So if you need to head out or you’re planning a home photoshoot soon, go for V-necklines and not crew necklines! The long lines will create a slimming effect that’s very flattering.

6. Go for rounded hemlines.

It’s easy to neglect your shirt’s hemline, but it can actually make or break an outfit! Instead of tops with straight-cut hemlines, opt for rounded ones. The curved edges cut across the sides of your figure and have a slimming effect.


7. Throw on a jacket.

When in doubt, just throw on a structured jacket, like a classic denim jacket, a leather moto jacket, or a cool blazer. This is the easiest thing you can do to remedy a baggy, unflattering top because the clean-cut lines add a waist to your figure. Plus, this allows you to get away with wearing something roomy! It’s a win-win situation.

8. High-rise pants are your best friend.

The most foolproof way to hide a food baby is to conceal it with high-waisted pants. “It almost works like shapewear,” Erin says. So go ahead and throw on those skinny jeans, culottes, or trousers, because they’ll make you look—and feel—amazing. Just make sure you don’t accentuate the pooch area by throwing on a chunky belt.


9. Don’t wear horizontal stripes.

While we believe that you can wear any print your heart desires, if the goal is to mask the tummy area, stay away from horizontal stripes. Opt for vertical stripes instead! However, if you can’t help but wear horizontal stripes, Erin says you can throw on a jacket for an instant slimming effect. Your food baby secret's safe with us.

10. Wear a longline cardigan.

A tip that works for warmer days is to wear a thin, longline cardigan. The edges skim the sides of your figure and will make you look slim. People will barely notice you just ordered from your fave fast food joint and threw in a milkshake, too.


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