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12 Chic Styling Tips for Girls with Broad Shoulders

Upgrade your style book.
12 Chic Styling Tips for Girls with Broad Shoulders
Upgrade your style book.

Love 'em or hate 'em (we encourage the former, of course!), you've got shoulders broad enough to carry the world on. Good for you, girl! There are a ton of cool, coppable looks perfect on a gal with your bodbelow, 12 of our new favorites from the good 'ol 'gram. 

1. Wide shoulders work to your advantage when cinching your waist: Your midsection will look even tinier in comparison. Score!

2. Plunging V-cut necklines hang off of your frame beautifully.

3. If you're going to do shoulder pads (because everyone can wear the trend!), balance them out with long, bare legs.

4. Volume-happy bottoms give the illusion of a narrower top half, should you want it!

5. A strappy dress is sexy and flattering. You've got so much to show off!

6. Similarly, you rock off-shoulder tops like it's no one else's business. Pick an asymmetrical number for an updated lewk.


7. Cropped jackets might make you look stocky, so elongate with floor-sweeping outerwear. Snag that modelesque height!

8. Choosing shirts made from thin, breezy materials help you look less cluttered when buttoned all the way up. Stiff fabrics tend to bunch and bulk!

9. Learn how to layer necklaces, drawing admiring eyes to your sculpted décolletage.

10. Slim, tapered, dark bottoms highlight your body's fantastic V-silhouette perfectly.

11. Wanna play up those assets? A fun, loud, vibrant top is your best friend.

12. A form-skimming high neck is a great way to flaunt your shoulders sans baring any skin. Pair with glitzy earrings and turn heads all night long.