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How to Style a Pink OOTD According to Your Skin Tone

From barely-there blush to the brightest fuchsia!
How to Style a Pink OOTD According to Your Skin Tone
From barely-there blush to the brightest fuchsia!

While it may be true that some pinks flatter certain skin tones better than others, you should know there's definitely a way around things. That's the joy of fashion! If you're morena and feel that hot pink makes you look pallid, or if you're suuuper fair and think a blush hue washes you out, our advice is to wear those shades anyway—with a careful bit of styling. Wanna see what we mean? Keep scrolling!

Liz Uy's beautifully even, tan complexion looks A+ swathed in bright flamboyant fuchsia. See?

...but, she also pulls off  rustic, old-rose tones like it's nobody's business.

Haitian-born Paola Mathe is easily one of our favorite Instagram style icons, and with good reason—she's never afraid to experiment! Please, please teach us how to wrap a turban the way you do, girl.

Still feel that hot pink doesn't flatter you? Pair the hue with crisp, tailored classics, like a no-fail white shirt. Paola makes it werq.

BFFs Jeline Catt and Renee de Guzman go matchy in the chicest of ways! Their chosen palette of auburn and blush suit both girls' olive complexions perfectly.

If, like Jeline, your skin tone leans more on the warm side, pale pink is sure to give you that sunshine-fresh glow (whether you've just hit the beach or not). No need for bronzer!

Tricia Gosingtian proves that blush won't wash paler girls out, so long as you layer your monochromes strategically.

The combination of Camille Co's fair skin and choice of barely-there hues make for an on-trend statement—nude is the way to go!

Laureen Uy tempers the punch of a bright button-down by tossing a strappy black tank on top. A go-to styling hack!

You can also opt to taste pink in accents, like Leena Asad! Brb, hunting for a pair of cotton candy loafers.

Summer Albarcha utilizes the much-fabled pop of color like the weapon it is.

Sassy Sudanese blogger Shahd Batal knows that she's about. Your touch o' rose could come in the form of an artfully-done headwrap, too!


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