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Leila Alcasid Shares the Style Lessons She Learned From Her Mom

Leila Alcasid Shares the Style Lessons She Learned From Her Mom
Comfort is key.

I first met Leila Alcasid at a Preview party. The singer-comedian Ogie Alcasid and 1994 Miss Universe-Australia Michelle Van Eimeren's 19-year-old daughter was clad in a matching set of red pajamas, which was her interpretation of the party's wear your statement theme. Right off the bat, you could already tell that this girl has an eye for fashion. In silk PJs and monochrome makeup, Leila's fresh face and chic-comfort style make her stand out without trying too hard. Below, in an interview with Preview, she proves that holding onto classic and timeless pieces can do anyone no wrong.

1. Hey, Leila! What have you been up to nowadays?

"I love to do a lot of reading, especially at the moment! Otherwise I’m spending my time working on music, hanging out with friends and family when I have the extra hours."

2. How would you describe your style?

"Very laid-back, whatever I feel comfortable in. Some days if I’m feeling more confident, I’ll add in some pop of color or an interesting piece to spice it up but usually I’m very classic with choosing what to wear. Neutral colors always."


3. Did you have any early influences that sparked your interest in clothes?

"My mother, definitely. She also has a very classic style but always looks stylish and timeless. When I was younger, she’d let me try on her clothes from her modeling days. Super fun!"

4. What are your five wardrobe staples?

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"Denim jacket, plain white T-shirt, cozy sweater you can throw over anything, blue jeans and Superga platform sneakers (I’ll take height anywhere I can get it)."

5. What's the one trend you'd never be caught wearing?


6. Do you have a fashion obsession?

"I’m not so bad now but a few months ago I was obsessed with buying jeans. I’d spend forever looking at jeans online and whenever I was shopping in the States last November, I just kept gravitating towards all the jeans!"

7. What do you always have on hand when traveling?

"One or two good books and some perfume so I’m always freshhhh."


8. What's your style resolution this year?

"To step out of my comfort zone!"

9. What's the best fashion advice you've learned over time?

"Classic pieces will never go out of style."

10. Where do you usually shop?

"Bench! Plus I love a lot of US-based online stores like Revolve, etc."

11. If you had a uniform, what would it be?

"Denim jacket, white cropped T-shirt, jeans, and my (very overused) Gucci Princetown mules."

12. Can you also share with us your beauty regimen?

"Cleanse, tone and (oil-free) moisturize! Currently in love with Glossier’s Super Pure serum."

13. Can you share with us a photograph that best captures your personality?

IMAGE Courtesy of Leila Alcasid

14. Which designer would you hire to design your wardrobe?

"Alice McCall, an Aussie designer!"

15. What's the one thing you've been loving lately?

"Sheet masks!!!!"

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