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Style Lab: Spanx

Isha Andaya road tests the body shaper.
Style Lab: Spanx Isha Andaya road tests the body shaper.

Culinary adventures, carousing in the evening, and that monthly bout of feeling bloated has made it a tad challenging to keep my midsection fashionably flat. (It's not the most ideal situation in this return-of-the-body-con era.)

While waiting for pilates and a low-carb diet to take effect, I decided to cheat a little and try out the secret weapon of many a fashionista and celeb: Spanx.

It was like pulling on an extra thick pair of stockings that seemed almost too tight; you really feel its hold on you. The waistband came up to almost below the bra, enforcing its strict shape from the thigh up to the waist.

I felt it was brilliant beneath cocktail dresses. Not only did it keep my tummy in tow, even after a several course dinner, but it also eliminated the problem of visible panty lines. I also felt more secure on those occasions when the fabric of my dress was a bit sheer or when the hemline was dangerously high.

Of course, I learned that when worn for extensive hours (read: all day and on to night), the tight hold can get uncomfortable. It also tacks on a few minutes every time you use the bathroom given that it takes a bit of effort to pull it on and off.

They may not be as pretty to look at as the usual printed or lacy skivvies but boy, do they do the job right. Besides, it's what's on the outside that everyone else needs to appreciate, the Spanx can be your sweet secret.

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—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor

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