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Style Bible Exclusive! Behind The Scenes With Anne Curtis

Our favorite fashionista dishes on the trend she currently loves and the one she won't be caught dead wearing.
Style Bible Exclusive! Behind The Scenes With Anne Curtis Our favorite fashionista dishes on the trend she currently loves and the one she won't be caught dead wearing.

Without a doubt, Anne Curtis has indeed established herself as one of the most influential local celebrities when it comes to fashion. The minute she appears on television wearing something in particular, we can almost guarantee that it’s going to sell like hot cakes the next day. So when we got an invitation to visit her shoot for Plains & Prints' Holiday Collection, we just had to jump in on the chance to chat with this lovely lady. Because like every other girl in this country, we NEED to know her ultimate fashion secrets.

Scroll down and perhaps you can score a style tip or two.


Tell us about your personal style.

I don’t really have a personal style. I just go for whatever I feel like wearing on that particular day. It’s very random. Sometimes it depends on the weather. I mean, when it’s raining, ilabas ‘yung boots! (Laughs) Walang specific style. It really just depends on the mood I’m in.

Who are your style icons?

Right now, I love Olivia Palermo. I like the Olsen twins as well. It’s a very different mix, but that’s like me. You have the boho-chic, which is of course the Olsen twins, but then you also have the nice, preppy, and stylish Olivia Palermo.

What is it about Plains & Prints that’s very Anne Curtis?

I think the fun is there. What I love about them is that they get my style, like when they came up with the Uptown Girl collection. Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate icon, so I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is a dream come true!” If I’m looking for something preppy or grunge, I just mix and match it. There’s always something that suits my personality.


If I’m to go inside a Plains & Prints store wanting to look like Anne Curtis, what pieces should I go for?

I personally like their girly, colored dresses, and their polo shirts, which I like to wear with jeans. Most of the basic stuff, that’s what I’d say people should go for─ but definitely the dresses! That’s my thing now, and all their dresses match with all my socks. (Laughs) Nasusulit ko ngayon ‘yung socks ko with all the dresses they're coming up with.


Speaking of which, we noticed you’re very much into socks right now.

Yeah, super! As in I use every excuse that I can find to wear them. That’s why I’m so happy whenever Plains & Prints sends over dresses because it’s always preppy with the color or if it’s in A-line. It’s cute to wear with different socks and I match it with different heels.

Any fashion crime you’re guilty of committing?

A lot! I did the whole jogging pants with bandeau. I’ve done the neon socks with Birkenstock. Ang dami dami, and I guess what’s horrible about it is that this was all during the time I was already in show business because I started when I was 12, so there’s evidence. I even have this one cover, I was in black leather skirt with knee-high boots─ it was so, so bad!


So what sorts of trends make you cringe?

I’m not a fan of the acid-washed, ‘yung very ‘80s. And animal print ‘yung pinaka ayoko! Like cheetah pants, leopard prints─ no, no, no! I don’t know. I just don’t like it. I only have one pair of shoes  in cheetah print, and I rarely even wear that. And clothing, none.


Do you consider repeating outfits a crime?

No, I love repeating outfits! Nanghihinayang ako if I use it only once. With Plains & Prints, they send me every week, so it’s a way for me to show what’s the latest, but sometimes I still even repeat their clothes kahit alam kong hindi na available sa store. (Laughs) I love to repeat stuff. I just mix and match it with different shoes to give it a different look. If it looks good on you and it fits your body type, repeat it all you want. Comfort talaga, for me, that’s the key.

You’re shooting for Plains & Prints’ holiday collection now. How does Anne Curtis dress for the holidays anyway?

You’ll see a lot of red and sparkly stuff! (Laughs) I guess that’s because I’m mostly dressing for variety shows, ganun ‘yung life ko everyday eh. But other than that, it really depends. Maybe a lot of reds, a lot of cute mini dresses, and a lot of preppy stuff.


Any fashion tips for the coming holidays?

Always have at least two pieces ready for Christmas parties. Always have a back-up. I like to wear red, so maybe a nice little red dress for the Christmas season. But most importantly, just go for whatever you’re comfortable in and whatever suits you. This is always my advice─just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean that you have to follow it.


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Photos by Mark Clemente

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