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Style Bible Exclusive: A Peek Inside The Golden Globe Awards

Designer Francis Libiran walks us through his experience at the 72nd annual Golden Globes - and taking selfies with Eddie Redmayne and Meryl Streep.
Style Bible Exclusive: A Peek Inside The Golden Globe Awards Designer Francis Libiran walks us through his experience at the 72nd annual Golden Globes - and taking selfies with Eddie Redmayne and Meryl Streep.

Filipino couture designer Francis Libiran is no stranger to Hollywood stars. He has enjoyed the privilege of getting air time on Tyra Banks’ hit series America’s Next Top Model. And last Sunday (January 10, 2015,) he got his chance to live like a Hollywood celebrity as he attended the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards. Style Bible talks to the maker of our local celebs' most enchanting gowns and asks him about his magical experience. 


Invitations to the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards.

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Francis Libiran wears his own design to attend the Golden Globes.


Arsi Baltazar and Francis  wearing matching outfits.

First things first, how did you score the invite?

Our friends from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) invited us to be among their selected guests for the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. We got connected to many associations in Hollywood ever since my work got featured on ANTM.

We are really honored and thankful for the invitation given to us by Ruben and Janet Nepales of the HFPA. Ruben and Janet have been representing the Philippines to Hollywood for several years and have been working with the biggest Hollywood stars. Janet was recently recognized by the Filipina Women’s Network as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World for 2013, in the category of Innovators and Thought Leaders while Ruben is the first Filipino member in the 60-plus year history of the HFPA that votes on and presents the annual Golden Globe Awards.


What was your reaction?

Happy and honored because attending the Golden Globes is, really, such a big thing! Receiving an invitation from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association humbles us. 

What did you wear?

My business partner and manager Arsi Baltazar and I both wore Francis Libiran paired with golden shoes. I opted for metallic gold lace-up shoes from Premiata and he wore encrusted slip-ons with gold crystals from Giuseppe Zanotti.


Francis with Eddie Redmayne at The Theory of Everything cast party at Chateau Marmont

Francis and Meryl Streep at the Into The Woods cast party at Fig and Olive

Did you meet anyone interesting?
A lot of celebrities. Prior to the awads show, we attended the cast party of The Theory of Everything where we met the lead cast—Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, and Kate Mara. We also dropped by Into The Woods’ cast party and even got to talk to Meryl Streep! It felt really surreal. Also I got to meet John Legend and took selfies with him at the red carpet!


How did your conversations go?

Outfits always served as the ice breaker. Meryl even complimented the blue camouflage suit I was wearing at the cast party. We then started talking about dressing her up. This got me really excited, I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Francis snaps a selfie with John Legend during the award show


Francis stops to take another selfie, this time with Giuliana Rancic

Any particular moment that sticks out the most?

Every moment was memorable for us. But walking down the red carpet with other Hollywood celebrities was the most perfect.

How was the after party?

Overflowing drinks with a very nice view of the Hollywood stars. It was such a perfect night to stargaze.


So, who are your top picks for best dressed of the night?

Felicity Jones, Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Anna Kendrik.

And the ones you liked least?

Claire Danes, Tina Fey, Naomi Watts and Keira Knightley.

Arsi, Amy Adams, Juliane Moore, and Francis stop for a photo inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel


Photos from @francislibiran on Instagram

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