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Build a New Wardrobe for 2019 with These Sustainable Linen Pieces

Classic pieces you'll love!
Build a New Wardrobe for 2019 with These Sustainable Linen Pieces
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Classic pieces you'll love!

New year, new wardrobe? Say no more! Studio 17's classic pieces are just what you need to reinvent your closet this 2019 from the ground up. The brand has the perfect designs to build you a fresh look, boasting basic pieces that you can layer, style, and re-wear over and over. The family buisness founded by sisters Allyssa Balboa, Aira Balboa and Alleli Balboa offers breathable pieces in sustainable fabrics. From light linen jumpsuits, to airy pastel halter tops, Studio 17 promises an ethical and comfortable wearing experience perfect for the Philippines' tropical climate.


Below, the sisters of Studio 17 tell us about the beginnings of their brand, their plans for the future, and more!

Can you tell us about Studio 17? What's the concept behind the brand's name?

"Studio 17 focuses on classic-cut pieces thoughtfully crafted from natural, breathable, and sustainable fabrics. With comfort and versatility in mind, each piece is designed to be a constant in your wardrobe. The pieces in every collection are made to order or, if time permits, made in really small runs to ensure that no piece gets put to waste and end up in our landfills. Proudly and ethically made in the Philippines—because we care about who makes our clothes, how they are made, and whom we make them for.

"There’s nothing too significant about our brand name. While browsing the Explore page on Instagram, we saw a photo with 'Studio 17' written on a wall. We gravitated towards/became attracted to the photo and the name so much that we decided to use it as our brand name."

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What’s the history behind the brand? 

"We, Allyssa Balboa, Aira Balboa and Alleli Balboa, the owners of the brand, are actually sisters. We have always wanted to start a clothing line and the inspiration finally hit us while on a trip abroad. We bought a simple linen top which we found unique, striking, and perfect for the Philippine weather. We tried to have another one made; we sourced for linen in the local market and asked dressmakers and seamstresses to make a sample. From there, we started to brainstorm and design pieces that we would want to wear and what we think others would want to wear too. Right now, we are working with two women–one cutter and one sewer. "


Is there a signature design or key element evident through your designs?

"Since we like to keep our pieces on the simple and classic side, we would have to say that the fabric that we use, linen, is the key element of our pieces. However, we are looking into exploring more materials in the future."


What makes a Studio 17 muse? Who do you dream of wearing your clothes?

"Everyone has their own personal style, so we believe anyone can be a Studio 17 muse, as long as she’s confident and comfortable in her own skin. We don’t really have a single person in mind, because anytime someone decides to buy and wear our clothes—be it a personality or not—is already very fulfilling to us."

Could you describe the lifestyle that fits your designs?

"We cater to mostly students to working women who are looking into investing in pieces that are comfortable and fit their personal styles. "


Where can we buy your pieces?

"You can order through our website, Studio 17."

What can we expect from your brand in the future?

"In the coming years, we hope to set up a pop-up shop and to learn more ways of improving our production process. We also hope to set an example and inspire more brands to uphold the welfare of their team of merchants, seamstresses, and dressmakers. We would love to keep sharing our growth with our tailors because we wouldn’t be doing what we love if it weren’t for all of their hard work."

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