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How to Wear the Dress-Over-Pants Trend

Hop into those trousers!
How to Wear the Dress-Over-Pants Trend Hop into those trousers!

Chances are, you've never thought about throwing a dress over your pantsthat is, not unless the aforementioned skirt is too short and you need a little something tucked underneath to make it office-appropriate. We're being intentional here, though! Rocking the frock-and-trousers combo is the perfect way to blend femme and mannish, so below, we round up a few tips so that you can try on this tricky trend like your favorite street-style stars.

EASY: Go monochrome


Most foolproof way to cop the look? Match your hues! Opt for timeless neutrals like gray, black, and white to keep your line slim and sleek. Slip-on sneaks turn your outfit cool, while peeptoe mules talk serious business.

MODERATE: Tee time

Breathe new life into the frock-over-t-shirt trend by throwing a pair of jeans (take an even bigger style step and try flares!) under your skirt. Two options: glam up and choose a slinky silk slip, or pick something sweet and girlish like a checkered, beribboned apron dress.

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HARD: Sheer shock

If you're still trying to figure out how to wear that sheer dress without accidentally flashing someone, here's your answer. Tuck your tulle under a pullover or into an oversized top for a runway-inspired take, then slide trousers underneath. Slouchy, casual silhouettes are the perfect contrast against delicate, floaty fabric. 

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