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Stickers Are Back!

Your favorite childhood pastime is now digital.
Stickers Are Back! Your favorite childhood pastime is now digital.

(main image via @tgosingtian on Instagram)

Did you like playing with stickers as a kid? Because I did—I had a whole bunch of them, from the Disney princesses down to my favorite Sailor Moon characters. I kept them all safely stashed in my glossy sticker book, and I’d feel extremely proud of myself whenever I’d come home from school bearing a few new additions to my growing collection. Years ago that sticker book meant everything to me, and now I don’t even have the slightest clue where it is anymore.

Thanks to modern technology though, everything is now just a click away—shopping, hailing a cab, stalking your ex. Even my favorite childhood pastime is now digital. I see them all over Instagram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, et al. Stickers are back, and they are new and improved!

Here, check out the many different ways you can play around with these digital stickers:


1. To beautify your #selfie with accessories.

Take cues from fashion designer Vania Romoff on how to goof around with your passport photo before sharing it on social media.

2. To censor your photographs.

Even the Teen Queen approves.

3. To veer attention away from photobombers.

Cover ‘em with stickies!!

4. To make your #foodstagram look extra double-tap worthy.

It literally brings personality to the table. So kawaii!

5. To express how you feel.

Because sometimes words aren’t enough.

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