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Sti & Tan-gan Fashion Workshops

Make your summer fashionably productive!
Sti & Tan-gan Fashion Workshops Make your summer fashionably productive!

We've all heard it a million times: you can't put a price on education. And you certainly can't even when it comes to fashion, where creativity isn't the only cornerstone. Technical expertise is imperative for artistry to take on a physical reality.

Our most respected and renowned fashion stalwarts know this, and they're aware that while creativity springs forth from the Filipino in a boundless manner, fashion needs to manifest itself unto reality in the form of performed, controlled craft. And craft has to be learned, practiced, and sustained assiduously—for what are ideas if they remain only as figments of the artist's fancy, and not brought into fruition?

To guide creative souls to express their passion for fashion, STI Center of Arts and TAN-GAN collaborate to bring us Fashion Workshops, a series of 11 short summer fashion courses instructed by our country's premier industry leaders—Inno Sotto, Jojie Lloren, Lulu Tan-Gan, Roy Gonzales, and Patrice Ramos-Diaz are just a few of the names in the faculty list.


The summer lectures are open to the public. They are geared towards young students who are interested in taking introductory courses in fashion design, and people who want to learn about industry techniques without committing to a collegiate degree. The classes are also open to industry professionals who want to hone their expertise.

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The project has been a long-time dream of Lulu Tan-Gan, who has aspired to channel the creativity of Filipinos into a technical artistry that will strengthen the art and craft of fashion here in the Philippines. For her, creativity and theoretical knowledge have to be melded and put into real-time practice.

“We want to share our firsthand experience with people who want to get into the fashion field. Aside from giving students a good theoretical foundation, they would also be taught how to use this through actual application. We believe that aside from theory, mentorship and experience are necessary for a more successful career,” says master designer and co-organizer Jojie Lloren, who will be teaching Basic Flat Pattern Drafting and Draping 1.


Asked how the designers/instructors were chosen for the project, Jojie tells us, “They were chosen based on the number of years in the profession, and their reputation amongst peers within the fashion industry. Teaching is a noble profession. Faculty members must also have the ability to share.” Indeed, the roster of instructors is a veritable one, with all of the designers responsible for an exciting lineup of fashion design subjects.

“We hope that the initial workshops would be successful so that we can offer more extensive courses soon,” Jojie comments. “Our long-term goal is to be able to offer degree courses in fashion and related arts.”

Click on to see the gallery of designers/instructors and their respective lectures for the STI & TAN-GAN Fashion Workshops, and to find out the schedules and enrollment details.

Watch out for the next faculty of designers/instructors in the next batch of STI & TAN-GAN Fashion Workshops to be held later this year! Rajo Laurel, Tim Yap, Patrick Rosas, Puey Quiñones, Roy Gonzales, and Lulu Tan-Gan herself are among the faculty members who will be contributing to this worthwhile project. October is the tentative schedule for the fresh set of courses, so mark your calendars in advance. We'll keep you posted on further developments!


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