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Steal Her Style: Christine Escudero

The voice teacher shows us how to wear vintage pieces with a modern twist.
Steal Her Style: Christine Escudero The voice teacher shows us how to wear vintage pieces with a modern twist.

Published in Preview April 2007.

Christine Escudero is an old soul, fashion-wise, that is. “My grandma greatly influences my dress sense. I adore her clothes so much I have them copied!” says singer and voice teacher. She loves to mix modern clothes with vintage accessories. Being a performer, Christine isn’t afraid to take fashion risks either. “I don’t stick to a particular trend, as long as it looks good on me, I’ll wear it.” Spoken like a true artist.

When did your love affair with fashion begin?

I guess when I was around seven and started adoring my mom’s shoes, trying them on, piling on her accessories on me and pretending that I was her.

Define style.

Style is a distinct reflection of one’s personal character and fashion preference.

Define Pinoy style.

I think Pinoy style is laidback and still quite conservative.

What’s the best thing anyone’s ever said about your style?


That I can get away with anything I wear, even if my outfit is pretty weird and eccentric.

Why do you like dressing up?

Because it lifts my spirits. It also makes me feel better and more confident about myself.

Favorite place to shop?

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I like going to Shangri-La Plaza because it’s not too crowded, though I have this thing for bazaars. Abroad, I like Hong Kong and the outlets in L.A.

Labels you love…

Roberto Cavalli and Chanel, because their designs best show how I can get from one end of the fashion spectrum to the other.

What’s your latest clothing obsession?

At the moment, I like wearing skinny jeans and long shirts or blouses.

Greatest fashion indulgence?

Jewelry—and it’s my grandma’s fault.

Where do you shop for jewelry?

My good friends own Fiona Jewellery and they give in to my every whim when I go crazy over a certain design, and have it copied. They turn out great all the time.


What do you buy when you travel?

Trinkets and a bag

It bag or shoe that haunts you?

Bottega Veneta Medieval bag