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Start-up Profiles: Kirv

What's it like to be working with your "bae?"
Start-up Profiles: Kirv What's it like to be working with your "bae?"

Sure as you may be about starting your own business, it definitely helps to have a strong support system. While some prefer to keep the company within the family, others turn to significant halves to help them get the work going. Here Style Bible chats up UP Clothing Tech. graduate Kaira Dimatulac and model Miko Raval (who also stars in the lookbook,) the boyfriend-girlfriend tandem behind KIRV, and sees what it’s like mixing business and pleasure.


On Daniel: Geometric Shirt (P1200), Dwight Joggers (P1800); On Aya: Geometric Pullover (P1600); On Miko: Geometric Pullover (P1600), Plain Black Joggers (P1200)

How did you know that you were ready to run your own business?
Kaira: To be honest, we were never ready to start the business. One day we thought of selling red shorts for Christmas and so we took the risk and the next thing we knew, KIRV was born.

How did you find the necessary skills, contacts, and funding to get things off the ground?
Kaira: I took up Clothing Technology in UP Diliman, which gave me the basic knowledge about producing clothes.

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Miko: I’ve been modeling for almost three years which exposed me to trends and to the people who are in the fashion business. 


On Aya: Houndstooth Button Down (P1200), Cargo Joggers (P1600); On Miko: Black Oversized Tee (P1200), Drop Crotch Pants (P1600); On Daniel: Plain Black Joggers (P1200)

What were some of the struggles you encountered in the beginning?

 Miko: Finding the perfect manufacturer was the biggest struggle we faced when we were starting our brand. It took us almost three months just talking to different manufacturers before we found the perfect guy who can actually produce the quality that we wanted for KIRV.

How sure were you that people wanted to buy your product?
Of course there was no assurance that people were going to like our products, we just made sure that our products are in good quality and in a very competitive price. Our unique selling point is our sports luxe branding, since it’s not so common in the market.

What's it like working with your significant other?
Miko: It’s awesome to be working together in reaching our dreams.


Any last tips for those planning to start up their own labels?
Kaira: Having a good business plan really helps a lot in starting a business. And make sure to have emergency funds set aside because it’s surely going be hard for the first three-to-four months of your business.


On Miko: Double Layered Tee (P1200), Dwight Joggers (P1800)

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