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Playing host at a wedding? We've got your outfit.
Stage Presence Playing host at a wedding? We've got your outfit.

Q: I got invited to be the commentator of a dear friend's wedding and up until now, I have no idea what the motif is. Thing is, she's out of the country, and she's too busy to answer emails because of the preparations.

I just need advice on the safest thing to wear, with style and class of course.

A: Weddings are such a glorious and memorable occasion but can be quite grueling to plan, not only for the engaged couple but for the guests as well. And for a host like you, there might be more pressure on deciding what to wear.

In making your fashion choice, the most important thing you should consider is to look presentable. On such occasion and with an important role to play, you will more likely be just as visible as the bride since you'll be up there the master of ceremony.

Take the wedding venue into consideration. This will essentially clue you in on the appropriate attire for the affair. As a host, it's perfectly fine to up your game a little bit more and aim to stand out from the rest. Not to miss, go for sophistication coupled by the grace and confidence of a host. Feeling fabulous comes first!

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—Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant

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