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Sports Series I: Power Women

Join the active lifestyle with these fabulously fit ladies.
Sports Series I: Power Women Join the active lifestyle with these fabulously fit ladies.

Here's a scenario: you see a gorgeous LBD in a store, rush to the dressing room to try it on, and realize that it doesn't look good on you at all. The truth stings even more when a girl emerges from the next cubicle with the same dress and heads to the counter to pay for it. Because of course, it fits her perfectly, the way it fits everyone else, except you. So you blame the dress and head home, since you're already too tired and cranky to do anything, as always.

If this sounds even just a bit familiar, then it's time to quit blaming the dress and start taking action! We're not just talking about fitting into a dress here—every stylish girl needs to be both fit and fabulous. Now that summer's on its way, you've got the perfect opportunity to take part in fun fitness activities that can benefit your body in the long run.

To give us some inspiration, Style Bible asked Manila's most stylish athletes and fitness enthusiasts to tell us about their active lifestyles. They run marathons, lift weights, and catch waves, so these sporty gals can definitely teach us a thing or two about how to get in shape—and of course, how to do it in style!

We kick off our Sports Series this week by showcasing Nike Women's latest collection. Take a peek at the first batch of Power Women who have been transformed by their active lifestyles—be inspired by gym buff and Women's Health editor-in-chief Lara Parpan, powerlifter Ruby Gan, and sport climber Marie Calica!

Click on to see these fit fashionistas and the stylish sports wear that can inspire you to hit the gym and run your way to a healthy lifestyle.

—Bernice Bautista, Editorial Assistant