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Sports Bra Shopping Tips You Need to Know

How do you know the right fit—especially when you’re shopping online?
Sports Bra Shopping Tips You Need to Know

Sometimes, shopping feels like a thrilling game—a gamble even. Every fashion girl knows that all-too-common scenario when you get excited over an item, hit checkout a few minutes before closing, and thank the heavens when you actually love the outfit you pull together with your purchase. Of course, there are those times when you end up losing the game (i.e., the top highlights the wrong curves or the culottes are too long for your liking after all), but you eventually feel better knowing your favorite store has a great return policy.

However, there are those heartbreakingly unfortunate times when you just can’t return or replace what you bought, including when you buy a sports bra. They don’t come cheap, you know, so you need to make sure you get the right fit, especially if you’re shopping online. Below are a few tips that might help:

1. Always, ALWAYS refer to the size chart. If you’re shopping online, the site’s size chart will be your best buddy. Measure your bust at the fullest part, and find the right UK/US size from the list.

2. Read the fine print. Is the sports bra padded and strategically stitched to cushion your breasts even during high-impact exercises? Is the fabric breathable and made for moisture-wicking? Are the pads removable, so you can replace them if need be? Make sure you pay attention to these “little” details that make a big difference.

3. Buy a stylish sports bra, so you can wear it as a top. It’ll be so easy to match it with your shorts or tights. However, if you’re not the hubadera type…

4. Get a matching tank top. Want style ideas? Watch the 6th episode of Nike’s original Better For It web series Margot vs. Lily, and get a lesson on layering from the sporty chic sisters! 

5. Opt for a racerback. This design helps provide better support and mobility as compared to wide shoulder straps. Trust us, you can't ever concentrate on busting those calorie-burning moves when your sports bra isn't doing its job well—a lesson that you'll know all too well if you're a pro athlete, just like world champion sprinter and four-time gold medalist Allyson Felix, who makes a cameo in Margot vs. Lily episode 7. Find out how Allyson impacts the tension between the sisters, and watch how their latest sibling rivalry drama unfolds below:

Catch this episode of Margot vs. Lily on TV! Tune in to ABS-CBN Sports & Action on April 23, 3:40PM onwards (replay on April 24, 3:40PM onwards).  If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, click here

You can also log on to Zalora, and shop for some of the chic workout ensembles in the web series.

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