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Solenn Was A "diva," And Other Celebrity Music Videos You Need To See

These local celebs know how to act, dance, and apparently—sing!
Solenn Was A "diva," And Other Celebrity Music Videos You Need To See These local celebs know how to act, dance, and apparently—sing!

Talk about triple threat! If you want to stay relevant in show business, being a one-trick pony is no longer an option. Here, check out these music videos starring your favorite actresses who are now officially, well, what do you call that again? Oh, yeah, certified recording artists! We can't wait to hear these at Black Market. Flash mob!!

Maja Salvador’s Dahan-Dahan


Dance albums will always be the equivalent of a car wreck: They're so horrifying, but we just can't seem to turn away. The Legal Wife star follows the path paved by Gerald Anderson—and to amazing results. Proof? We kept blasting this song at the office for a solid month when we first found out about it. Dance moves, included.

Kathryn Bernardo’s You Don’t Know Me

The Teen Queen has proven her acting prowess, but can she win us over with her voice, as well? Now that she's turned eighteen, it looks like Kathryn Bernardo’s out to prove that she can nail it in the singing department, too. Oh, and she does look cute in that bear costume!


Solenn Heussaff’s Diva


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a celebrity’s personal assistant? Let Solenn Heussaff give you an insider’s perspective—with upbeat music, awesome choreography, and not just one, but two Solenns involved! Post script: Only she could make that trucker cap look okay.

Iza Calzado's Lebelap

If you’re ever in need of an instant #fitspiration, Iza Calzado can certainly do the trick. Doing step aerobics while watching this music video doesn’t seem like a bad idea for a new workout routine. What do you think?

Nadine Lustre’s Para-paraan


Are you a fan of Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s on-screen chemistry? Then you might want to score some dance moves from this sought-after love team, as well. Check out this hit single from their flick Talk Back and You’re Dead.

Sarah Geronimo's Kilometro

To switch things up a bit, here's a singer-turned-actress joining the lineup. We all know that Sarah Geronimo can belt her heart out like a true diva, but this popstar royalty got some serious dance moves going on, too. Not to mention, her hair and makeup in this music video kind of reminded us of celebrity stylist Pam Quinones. Perhaps it has something to do with being styled by the Qurator girls? Hmm.

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