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Solenn Heussaff For Tan-gan: Sea Nomad & Primitivo

The multi-hyphenate hones her design chops with two new organic collections.
Solenn Heussaff For Tan-gan: Sea Nomad & Primitivo The multi-hyphenate hones her design chops with two new organic collections.

Preview cover girl, Survivor, showbiz personality, and designer  Solenn Heussaff's most recent outing for knitwear brand TAN-GAN is two-part. The first, called Sea Nomad, represents TAN-GAN's take on fresh, contempo-casual clothing, with Solenn's own boho-chic style taking charge of the line's style direction. The second, Primitivo, is tougher, ethnic, and tribal—a strong, embellished, rock 'n roll assertion of TAN-GAN's organic, earthy aesthetics.

"TAN-GAN  is coming up with an organic-looking line because we want to work with our roots and indigenous materials," Solenn says. "Therefore, I was inspired by several tribes [like] the Ifugaos and the Mangyans. And when we say organic you automaticaly think about things that have to do with the earth. That's why this collection has a lot of earth tones and colors and details that remind us of the sky, clear waters, etc. You will also see draping of piña and wooden beads from Cebu. We are all for promoting our indiginous materials."


"Sea Nomad is eco-refreshing and bohemian fashion. Eco-friendly in cotton, organic and basic in materials, luxuriant in embellishment, sea & shell-like structures are inspirations." Piña is the star fabric, adorned with wood, stone, and metal embellishments. "Colors are ecological: coral, sand, tan, camel, seashell, marine and shades of pebbles. Silhouette is resort comfort."

Primitivo, meanwhile, is the "contemporary and simplified form of tribal art in fashion. Ancestral, primitive, tribal, elementary & totem-like structures are inspirations. The fabric & embellishments recall the aspects of raw materials: earth, fur, stone, iron and wood. Accessories are scanty & primal. Colors are geological: lava, coal, copper, pyrite and magna. Silhouette is tough and sharp with trek-shoulders."

Both collections debuted in Members Only with Solenn's muses donning her latest creations, which she named after them: Amanda Griffin, Isabel Roces, Bianca Valerio, Joey Mead, Kirja Parcell, Alexandra Rocha, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Raya Mananquil and Stephanie Kienle. Head on over to the photo gallery to see Sea Nomads and Primitivo, both of which are already available in the TAN-GAN boutique.


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