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3 Cool Ways to Wear Side-Striped Pants, According to Sofia Andres

Check out her easy outfit combos!
3 Cool Ways to Wear Side-Striped Pants, According to Sofia Andres
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
Check out her easy outfit combos!

With the influx of athleisure-inspired pieces made available on shopping racks, we now have a newfound love for sweatpants—more particularly its side-striped iteration! Apart from being versatile, they're also easy to style, whether for casual days or for when you need a little sprucing up. Need more convincing? Here's Sofia Andres showing us just how much potential this piece of clothing has:

1. It's a comfy choice for an airport OOTD.

If you're going on a long-haul flight, jeans just won't provide comfort like a pair of sweatpants can. Make a stylish statement by opting for colored coordinates instead of the usual black.


2. It adds a relaxed vibe when used as part of your office ensemble.

Opt for a wide-leg pair of side-striped trousers teamed with a button-down for a comfy chic office look. Complete your OOTD with a pair of strappy heels and a structured tote to perfect your workwear outfit.

3. It's weather-proof.

In a city with erratic weather, it's a must to learn how to dress for polarizing temperatures. Side-striped joggers can give you enough coverage when it's drizzling outside, and at the same time, will keep you cool should the sun be at its peak. For rainy days, take notes from Sofia's look and wear a soft denim jacket as a top. Meanwhile, on hotter days, you can get away with sporting a cropped or a billowy top for utmost breathability.

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